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by Carlos Batara


Carlos Batara, Immigration Attorney

Carlos Batara has been passionate about immigration and multiculturalism since he was young. His father emigrated from the Philippines. His mother, born in New Mexico, brought a heritage of Mexican and Spanish roots to his upbringing.

Riverside, San Diego Immigration Attorney, Expert, Speaker, WriterCarlos’ father was a farm worker when he first arrived in this country. He later moved to the restaurant industry where he worked as a dishwasher and kitchen helper. Carlos’ mother worked at a factory for many years before becoming a housemaid and chef for various households. His parents never owned a car. Yet, they were able to create a stable life and encouraged Carlos to always do his best.

Carlos attended the University of Southern California on a Ford Foundation Fellowship and graduated from Harvard Law School.

Today Carlos has five law offices in Southern California. Specializing in immigration law, Carlos places a special emphasis on immigration trials, immigration appeals, and complex cases. He has represented over 1,000 clients from more than 80 different countries. He has helped clients being held in custody pending deportation, clients lacking papers proving they were U.S. citizens, clients fleeing from abusive spouses, clients who have been the victim of immigration fraud, and clients escaping persecution from hostile regimes.

While in college, Carlos was trained as a community organizer by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. He used this skill to coordinate various aspects of local, state, and national political campaigns. After law school, Carlos was recruited to design a community based program to combat adult illiteracy by the State of California. Based on the program’s success, other projects were given birth throughout the state. Carlos was awarded the Key to National City, where the program started, for his efforts. He remains active in community affairs and serves as a consultant for community and non-profit organizations.

Prior to opening his law practice, Carlos worked in political offices as a legislative analyst and public relations assistant. Serving as an adjunct professor, Carlos has taught college courses in Constitutional Law and Politics. Based on his unique combination of community involvement, political insight, and legal expertise, Carlos is frequently requested to speak publicly on immigration and political topics.

In addition to writing articles to help guide immigrants through the immigration process, he is the author of various blogs on immigration – ranging from critical analysis of legal issues to insightful discussions of political and policy matters. Carlos has a special knack for being able to explain difficult concepts to appellate judges as equally well as to immigrants with minimal education.

Carlos feels especially rewarded when he can help clients who will make a positive contribution to the United States and enrich the lives of others. Carlos believes that the U.S. gains strength from diversity and immigrants are assets to the U.S. economy and culture. Living in Southern California, Carlos is married and has three children.

How Carlos Can Help Your Organization

Looking for an immigration expert to provide no-holds barred personal insights, provocative analysis, and passionate commentary?

Then Carlos is your huckleberry. As your guest, Carlos will guide your audience through cutting edge and engaging discussions on a broad range of immigration topics such as:

Immigration Politics

microphone The Congressional War Against Due Process At Immigration Court
microphone Liberation Politics And The Future Of Immigration Reform
microphone The Politics Of Deportations: Immigrants As Election Fodder

Immigration History

microphone The Grinch Who Stole Immigration Reform
microphone Lessons From The Past: A History Of Immigration Hardship

Immigration Policies

microphone Obama’s Deportation Review Panel: Legal Substance Or Political Stunt?
microphone Deportation Statistics And The 2012 Elections

Immigration Agencies

microphone No Role Model: A Culture Of Rudeness At Immigration Agencies
microphone Are ICE Agents Above The Law?

Immigration Law

microphone Padilla v. Kentucky: More Bark Than Bite
microphone Birthright Citizenship Of Immigrant Children And The Fourteenth Amendment

Immigration Courts

microphone Immigration Appeals: 55 Minutes For Justice, Fairness, And Due Process
microphone Bullies In Black Robes: A Critique Of Immigration Courts And Immigration Judges


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