7 Tips To Help You Choose An Immigration Attorney


Are you thinking of immigrating to the United States? Do you have a friend or family member who’s overwhelmed by the immigration process? Then you probably need an immigration lawyer.

And you don’t just need a lawyer. You need a lawyer who will be your advocate and ally. The wrong lawyer can destroy your dream.

That’s a scary thought for most people – and it should be.

After all, you’ve probably heard the horror stories. The lawyers who take thousands of dollars and then disappear. The lawyers who promise you an express ride to a green card (that turns out to be a slow boat to deportation). The lawyers who aren’t really lawyers.

And more.

The truth is….

Immigration law gets more complicated every year.

Enforcement gets more and more rigid. You need more documentation than ever.

Just ONE mistake on an application – even a mistake that’s your lawyer’s fault – can mean a “no” answer at your interview from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or at your trial from the Immigration Court.

As an immigration attorney, I get really angry when I hear these stories. Often when clients come to me it’s too late. If you’re ready to be a lawful resident, I want to help you.

Your first step is to download this short report and you’ll learn my insights on how to choose an who is qualified to help you and (even more important) has the fire to keep fighting when the chips are down.


  • Why education and experience are NOT always the most important factors when selecting an immigration lawyer
  • Why your lawyer MUST be an immigration specialist (your most important take-away)
  • How to tell if your lawyer is a “real” lawyer, not a sham posting as an attorney
  • Why you need a strong rapport with your lawyer (and should never hire someone you can’t talk to or don’t feel comfortable sharing important details)
  • How to evaluate the fees your attorney will charge you
  • And more . . .

To Your Immigration Success!