A Short Guide From TPS To Permanent Residence

As A Long-Standing Member Of American Society, You Deserve More Than Just A Rapid Termination and Forced Departure.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense – especially if you are or have been a beneficiary under the Temporary Protected Status program.

In recent months, Temporary Protected Status protections and benefits for several countries have come to a screeching halt. This has heightened fears that the entire TPS program may be shut down.

There is a widespread doom and gloom among TPS recipients and their families. This view, however, is exaggerated.

Paths for TPS recipients, past or present, to win green cards exist.

Of course, not everyone who has ever been granted TPS status will qualify for permanent residency. Obstacles are lurking, whichever path you pursue.

That’s why I have written this short guide. To prevent you from falling into such pitfalls.

At the end of this booklet, you will find a checklist of 25 short questions.

They will help flush out which of these problems may affect your chance to move from temporary protected status to lawful permanent residence.

To Your Immigration Success!