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Immigration LIVE, Episode 6: Marguerita Jane Dentino On The Impact Of Family Separation

In Immigration LIVE, Episode 6, we spent time with Marguerita Jane Dentino, Executive Director of Casa Freehold, a leading non-profit organization in the ongoing social war to protect immigrant rights.  We asked her about how the possibility and the reality of family separation affects the children of immigrants.
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Immigration LIVE, Episode 3: Bob Drews On U.S. Border Policies

Open any newspaper, listen to any talk show, or watch any television show on immigration, and you’ll hear about immigrants crossing the border from Mexico to enter the United States.

The American public rarely, if ever, hears about U.S. citizens crossing the border to live in Mexico. However, our immigration live hangout special guest today provides that perspective for you.

Meet Bob Drews, one of the most prolific immigration commentators on the internet.

Bob regularly posts articles, news stories, and reports, adding his unabashed opinions on immigration affairs in Unjust Legal Immigration Laws And The Rights Of All People, a grassroots group of over 8,000 active followers on Facebook.

In this chat, you will learn why Bob is not happy with either the U.S. media or the U.S. government on issues near and dear to his heart. [continue reading…]

Deportation Fair Play Reinstated


A few weeks ago, the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. government reached a historic immigration class action settlement in Lopez-Venegas v. Johnson.

  • Immigration officers and border agents will stop pressuring undocumented immigrants in Southern California to sign off on their own deportations.
  • In addition, some deportees will become eligible to return from Mexico to seek U.S. permanent residency.

A few words summarized my reaction to the news.

About time.

As an immigration appeals attorney, I have long suspected the less-than-honest behavior by government agents.
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The Absence Of Neutrality At Immigration Court

Henry Adams was right.


A great teacher affects eternity; no one knows where his or her influence stops.

Larry Schwartz, my college history instructor, was that type of educator.

Outside my parents, Professor Schwartz was the most influential person in my life.  As an educator, he guided my studies of social, racial, and political injustices. As a mentor, he inspired me to become a professional dedicated to helping the downtrodden and disadvantaged.

He taught me, above all else, that law is the ultimate instrument of political power. [continue reading…]

Too Much Due Process For Immigrants In Deportation Hearings?


The immigration court system has many flaws. Too much due process is not one of them.

A few years back, Law Professor Bennett L. Gershman aptly described how immigration courts work:

“Imagine a legal proceeding where the judge is hired by the chief prosecutor, the defendant is charged with an unintelligible offense, he has no lawyer to defend him, the proceedings are conducted in a language he does not understand, and the punishment is banishment from his home, his livelihood, and his family for the rest of his life.” [continue reading…]

Immigration Courts: The Neglected Children Of Immigration Reform


The immigration court system needs repair.

The State Of Our Courts: A View From The Inside,” a report issued by the National Association Of Immigration Judges, revealed:

“The Immigration Courts caseload is spiraling out of control, dramatically outpacing the judicial resources and making a complete gridlock of the current system a disturbing and foreseeable probability. The morale of the immigration judges corps is plummeting.”

Yet, immigration courts are rarely mentioned in current immigration reform discussions. [continue reading…]

Immigration Court Overcrowding: Prelude To Prosecutorial Discretion


In August 2010, ICE Director John Morton recommended expanding the use of prosecutorial discretion in all phases of immigration law.

Following loud public criticism, these ideas quickly disappeared. [continue reading…]

The Congressional War Against Due Process At Immigration Court


Back in my days as a political science professor, I would point out how candidates scapegoat politically powerless individuals for self gain.

Like undocumented immigrants.

Since they cannot vote, their ability to fight back is nearly non-existent. [continue reading…]