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Are You Confused By Most Immigration Advice?

If So, You’re Not The Only One


We’ve Helped Clients From Over 80 Different Countries

Now Is The Time To Help You

The road to clarity about your immigration situation – and to immigration success – begins with a personalized strategy and planning session:

      • In Person
      • By Telephone
      • Through Email
      • Online Via Skype

What Takes Place At Your Consultation

list_checkbox_big We’ll review your past immigration history and highlight factors that might influence the decision of to grant or deny you benefits.
list_checkbox_big We’ll explore your eligibility for various options which may be open to you and your family, now or in the near future.
list_checkbox_big We’ll assess negative issues standing in your way and potential solutions enabling you to live and work legally in the United States.


What Type Of Help Do You Need?

Whether you need immediate assistance or you’re planning ahead, we can help guide you and your family through the pitfalls of immigration law.




      • You have a deportation hearing coming up soon at immigration court.
      • Your husband was recently arrested and placed in custody at an immigration jail.
      • Your sister lost her immigration case and wants to challenge the decision.




      • You want to file immigration papers for your loved ones – husband or wife, son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister – to earn a green card but you worry about possible problems.
      • You want to bring your fiancé into the United States to get married here and you are afraid of making mistakes.
      • You know someone without immigration papers who has been abused by her U.S. citizen husband and she is afraid to report it to the police.
      • Your uncle wants to apply to become a U.S. citizen but is worried that he may not meet all the requirements and what happens if his application is denied.
      • Your friend has a cousin who just arrived in the United States and is afraid to go back to their home country, and is unsure if he can qualify for asylum or TPS protection.

Our Approach To Your Consultation

Don’t think of your consultation as a mere 5 or 10 minute meeting.

Consider it as a personalized strategy and planning session where we will try to figure out what you can and cannot do, what you should and should not do.

The real time limit is simple. We take as long as needed to really study your case and offer you our best advice.

Feel Free To Reach Out To Us By Email

After you complete our consultation form, we will contact you by email or telephone to arrange your immigration consultation within the next 24 hours.

Special Note: Consultations Only

Please do not fill out the form on this page unless you are seeking a real, live consultation.

If you are only interested in asking a general question, please click this link to let us know what information you’re trying to find: General Immigration Questions.

Consultation And Attorney Fees

We charge a flat fee of $80 for your initial consultation. We recommend that you bring all paperwork from any previous immigration cases you had.

“Can you tell me how much you will charge to handle my case before meeting with me?”

Unfortunately, no. Here’s why. For most immigration cases I handle, I charge a flat fee. This fee varies based on the facts and complexity of your case.

I cannot estimate the costs for your case without first meeting with you and reviewing your case carefully. You may believe that your case is straight-forward, but there may be hidden issues or difficulties that you have not spotted.

Like an auto mechanic, or a dentist, I need a preliminary diagnosis. I cannot figure out what obstacles you might have – and what solutions are available to you – unless we spend time together talking.

Besides, you wouldn’t want me to take a cookie-cutter approach to your problems, would you?

Click here for a more in-depth discussion why we do not quote fees until after a consultation has taken place.


Thank you for your interest in our immigration law services.







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