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Under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, border security has become intertwined with immigration detention issues.

Immigrant detainees are subject to strict and often cruel law enforcement policies, policies which are one of the stumbling blocks to comprehensive immigration legislation.

We know how hard it is to filter out the noise on the internet regarding the debate over the proper scope of border security. So we have take the time to sort and curate the top stories and articles on border issues for you.

This collection of news stories is intended to supplement and amplify the information provided on our pages for Deportation And Removal Defense legal services.

Government Corruption And Deception Inside Immigration Agencies?

Former Border Protection Insider Alleges Corruption, Distortion In Agency
Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio, August 28, 2014

This is ugly, yet not surprising, news.

Much of the public has doubted complaints about government abuse towards immigrants.

Now damaging public information has surfaced.

Just a few weeks ago, a former Chief of Internal Affairs with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, James F. Tomsheck, stepped forward with major allegations of corruption inside the agency.

He outlined a range of volatile issues related to government wrongdoing, most of which have long been suspected by the immigrants community.

For more, continue here: Government Corruption And Deception Inside Immigration Agencies?



Immigrants Arrested As They Try To Leave The U.S.

During the last round of national elections, several immigration reform opponents pushed the concept of self-deportations.

In their view, this tactic would help reduce the number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

They forgot to forward the memo to law enforcement agencies.

According to a recent National Public Radio report, immigrants who are leaving the United States are being arrested and detained.

Leaving, not entering.

Even after practicing deportation defense for over two decades, this story is an oddity.

The Curious Practice Of Bringing Immigrants Back — To Deport Them
National Public Radio, Ted Robbins, April 23, 2014

United States officers at the ports of entry are arresting undocumented immigrants as they try to leave the U.S. They’re then prosecuted and sent to prison, only to be removed from the U.S. anyway.

The story covers incidents by Customs and Border Protection officers at the port of entry between Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona. It is not known if similar practices have taken place at other borders.

According to at least one observer, CBP agents are apprehending immigrants who do not show any signs of criminal activities, no drugs, no large sums of money, no guns.

This raises deeper questions.

So why are they being taken into custody?

Here is the podcast from NPR on the topic:




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