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If You Want A Better Life For You And Your Family . . .
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Immigration Issues Maybe your sister-in-law filed a petition to immigrate your brother but his green card application was rejected and now he faces deportation at immigration court.
Deportation Issues Perhaps your cousin paid an immigration consultant a lot of money, no papers were ever prepared, and they found out they were victims of immigration fraud.
list_arrow_big Or, many years ago, your father tried to become a U.S. citizen but flunked the test, yet he wants to try again to naturalize.

However difficult your immigration situation seems, you should not quit until you’ve explored all your options.

You might have been told by friends that your case is hopeless.  Maybe a lawyer or legal representative has said that there is no chance.

Yet, not all immigration attorneys see cases in the same way.  There may be a chance, a good chance, to win, hidden somewhere in your family’s immigration history.



Our Hemet immigration lawyer offices provide services for immigrants living across Riverside County, throughout California, around the United States, and abroad.

To meet the needs of clients living in various areas of the Inland Empire, attorney has three Inland Empire immigration law offices.

Our Riverside immigration law office and San Bernardino immigration law office compliment our Hemet immigration services.  Together, these three offices let us help you and your family, wherever you live in the Inland Empire.

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At our Hemet immigration office, 640 N. San Jacinto St., Ste. J, Hemet, CA, 92543, most clients seeking our assistance live in nearby communities, including:

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As a Hemet green card attorney, our immigration attorney services for clients living in Hemet and surrounding areas cover a broad range of immigration needs.

We assist clients in winning visas, green cards, and citizenship through family members.

We also help some immigrants earn permanent residence and other benefits through special immigration programs, like asylum, temporary protected status, the Violence Against Women Act DACA, NACARA, the Cuban Adjustment Act, trafficking victim visas.


Many immigration clients who visit our Hemet immigration law offices want to obtain a spouse visa for their husband or wife.

Sometimes the parties are not yet married. If the immigrant spouse still lives in their home country, like the Dominican Republic, Sweden, or Mexico, we discuss the options of filing a fiance/fiancee visa petition.

Other times, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident desires to file an immigration family-based petition for their children who are already living with them.


Jimmy, a U.S. citizen living in San Jacinto, met Chen while working as an engineer in China. They continued to stay in touch through video-conferencing via Skype and chatting via Yahoo.

Shortly after Chen arrived in the U.S. on a tourist visa, they decided to get married. Not sure what to do next, they came to our Hemet immigration office.

If they did not have plans to get married before Chen arrived, they should not have any problems answering questions about immigration visa fraud at her green card interview. They could file a spousal visa petition as soon as they get married.

A second option, because Chen’s parents in China did like the idea of her getting married so quickly, is to file a fiancée visa. She would go back to China. Jimmy would petition to bring her back to the United States and they would get married when she returned.

A third option is also possible. If Chen goes home, Jimmy can file a USCIS family petition on her behalf and instead of going to an interview in the United States, she can proceed through a process known as consular processing to obtain a green card, allowing her to return to the U.S. as a new permanent resident.


For many of our clients, the end goal of our immigration services is U.S. citizenship. They want to move beyond lawful permanent residency. They want to become a citizen through the naturalization process.

There are various issues which could prevent you from becoming a naturalized citizen.

For example, if you have lived outside the United States, since being granted your green card, longer than six consecutive months, you may have an eligibility problem.

Or if you failed to register with the military, the selective service, you may have a good moral character problem.

These are only a few issues which could arise during you citizenship application process. It is always a good idea, before you apply to become a U.S. citizen, for you to discuss your situation with an immigration lawyer experienced in handling naturalization and citizenship cases.



There are several reasons why immigrants get put into removal proceedings at immigration court.

For most clients who come to our Hemet immigration attorney office – whether they’re from La Quinta or Palm Springs, Beaumont or Murrieta, San Jacinto or Temecula, Idyllwild or Menifee, or any other nearby community – the main reasons are:

  • (1) they entered the U.S., often through the mountains, without permission
  • (2) they arrived as a student or visitor but did not return to their home country
  • (3) they were picked up for a criminal infraction

When it comes to immigration deportation defense, there are different rules for immigrants with green cards and those who do not have legal authorization to live here.

At immigration court, your deportation lawyer may use cancellation of removal, asylum, the violence against women act, TPS, NACARA, registry, adjustment of status, and other immigration programs to defend you and your family from being removed back to your home country.

Whatever the situation, Hemet immigration lawyer Carlos Batara has over 20 years of experience tackling hard and difficult cases for clients – including immigration appeals after they have lost their deportation, visa, green card, or citizenship cases.


Yolanda, who resided in Banning, was stopped one night for speeding on her way home from work. When the officer ran a check on her, he discovered she had been arrested for being part of a theft offense almost 10 years beforehand.

Because Yolanda was a lawful permanent resident, we needed to explore the date of her conviction and compare it to the date she obtained legal green card status. She could be disqualified from certain defenses if she was not a permanent long enough.

In addition, the date of conviction might allow her to use certain deportation defense rules which no longer exist, but which did exist when she pled guilty to her offense.

Yolanda’s history was also an important factor. How long had she lived in this country? Was she married? Did she have any children? If so, how old were they and where were they born? Had she attended college? What was her work history like? Did she or any family members have any special health problems?

Once we gathered this information, we were able to sit down with Yolanda and prepare her to win the right to remain here, at her immigration court merits trial.

When you’re ready to file a family visa petition for your relative, earn permanent resident status, win citizenship, or need to fight deportation . . .

. . . we’re here to help you achieve your immigration dreams.






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