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Immigration Blogs And Guest Articles – Archive



Browse these archives at your leisure. You’ll find an informative and entertaining collection of writings by Carlos Batara, a prolific and award winning writer, on all things immigration.

He brings a fresh perspective and style to immigration issues, unmatched by any other immigration lawyer in the country.


The debate over immigration today is not just about immigration law. It is also a debate over national politics and policy.

Writing in a serious yet playful tone, Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara takes a deep look at many judicial, bureaucratic, governmental, and social aspects of immigration in America.

There are no sacred cows, legal or political, in Immigration Law, Policy, And Politics.


“If anyone can explain immigration to a layperson, it’s Carlos Batara.”

“One of the most fluid, cogent writers I’ve ever read.”

“You may not like what Carlos writes, but he says what needs to be said.”


MARCH 2013

  • To Trust Or Not To Trust Government Agencies: That Is The Immigration Question
  • Why Temporary Protected Status Is Not Amnesty
  • Flies In The Immigration Reform Ointment: Detention And Deportation Policies


  • For Immigrants, Fighting Hate With Hate Is Not The Answer
  • Down The Green Card Rabbit Hole: A Journey To The Back Of The Line
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Now You See It, Now You Don’t


  • Temporary Protected Status: Sudan TPS And South Sudan TPS
  • For Successful Immigrants, Persistence Is Often The Key
  • Most Immigrants Who Win Give Far More Than They Ask For
  • All Successful Immigrants Must Ask Themselves, “Why Not?”
  • I-601 Family Unity Waivers: A Work In Progress?
  • Why The BIA Is Wrong About Hardship



  • Immigration Reform: If, When, And What?
  • No White Flag Of Immigration Surrender
  • Will The Return Of the Anchor Baby Myth Derail Immigration Reform In 2013?


  • Renewing The Battle For Family Unity
  • The 2012 Elections And Immigration Reform


  • The Transformation Of Hardship


  • The Subjective Nature Of Hardship


  • Deferred Action And Work Permits: New Immigration Rat Trap?
  • DREAMers Beware: Five Tips To Avoid Immigration Fraud(/li)
  • A Sad Legacy Of Deportation Policy: Enforced Separation Of Families

JULY 2012

  • A Cry For Help: The Hidden Deportation Of Immigrant Children To Foster Care
  • DHS Statistics: Lawful Permanent Residents 2008 – 2011
  • The Immigration Twilight Zone: Deferred Action For Immigrant Youth

JUNE 2012

  • Pavlov In Action: Obama, Romney, And Immigration Reform

MAY 2012

  • Prosecutorial Discretion Panels: The Immigration Circus Of Low Priority Cases
  • Immigration Court Overcrowding – The Prelude To Prosecutorial Discretion

APRIL 2012

  • 2011 DHS Naturalization Report: A Glimpse Of The Future
  • A Missed Opportunity For Meaningful I-601 Reform
  • Decoding The Provisional I-601 Inadmissibility Waiver Regulations

MARCH 2012

  • Syrian TPS: A Humanitarian Imperative
  • Exceptional, Extremely Unusual, Or Unconscionable Hardship?


  • Immigration Hardship: A Historical View
  • A Modern Approach To Deportation And Removal Hardship
  • How To Understand Hardship Factors Under Cancellation Of Removal
  • No Role Model: A Culture Of Rudeness At Immigration Agencies


  • The Congressional War Against Due Process At Immigration Court



  • Why The Judulang Decision Is Important For Lawful Permanent Residents


  • Newt Gingrich: The Grinch Who Stole Immigration Reform
  • Deportation Statistics And The 2012 Elections
  • Obama’s Deportation Review Panel: Legal Substance Or Political Stunt?
  • The Politics Of Deportations: Immigrants As Election Fodder
  • The Visa Waiver Program And The Cold Heart Of ICE: No Room For Love


  • Immigration Appeals: A New Attack On Permanent Residents?


  • Padilla v. Kentucky: More Bark Than Bite


  • Are ICE Agents Above The Law?
  • Political Farce: The HALT Act

JULY 2011

  • Liberation Politics And The Future Of Immigration Reform
  • 2012 Election Dynamics And The Push For Immigration Reform
  • A New ICE Age: 19 Points Of Hope
  • The Morton Memorandum: More Empty Talk Or The Real Deal This Time?

JUNE 2011

  • An American Success Story
  • Immigration Appeals: 55 Minutes For Justice, Fairness, And Due Process
  • Why Building An Immigration Court In The Inland Empire Is A Good Idea
  • The Immigration Court: In Search Of Efficiency, Justice, And Due Process

MAY 2011

  • Haiti TPS Program Extended To 2013
  • 2010 Department of Homeland Security Report: Refugees And Asylees

APRIL 2011

  • Does Obama Have The Political Courage Necessary For Immigration Reform?
  • Reforming The Immigration Court System: Problems, Solutions, And Obstacles
  • San Bernardino Immigration Lawyer Sentenced To Prison For Immigration Fraud

MARCH 2011

  • Same-Sex Marriages: A New Twist To Permanent Residence And Deportation Defense Law
  • 2010 Department of Justice Report: Deportation, Removal, And Immigration Appeals
  • The Morality Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform At A Public Crossroads
  • The Obama’s Administration’s Hide-And-Seek Approach To Immigration Reform


  • The Attack On The 14th Amendment And The Myth Of Anchor Babies
  • No Easy Task: Winning The War Against Human Trafficking In The Inland Empire
  • A Guiding Light: Utah’s Five Principles For Immigration Reform
  • The Attack On Constitutional Rights Of Immigrants In Escondido
  • The Politics Of Immigration Reform: Promises, Promises, And More Promises


  • Is The Cuban Adjustment Act Nearing An End?
  • Will California Take The Lead On Immigration Reform?
  • First Immigration Pardon Panel Established For Minor Convictions



  • Haitian TPS Registration To End, Deportations To Begin
  • Due Process Discovery Rights Protected By Ninth Circuit
  • Christmas In Africa
  • Arizona Anti-Immigration Initiative Circus Arrives In California
  • Somalia TPS Program Extended
  • California Supreme Court Opens The Door For Immigrant Students


  • The Citizenship Resource Center: A Step Forward For Immigrants
  • 2009 Department of Homeland Security Report: Refugees And Asylees
  • Fixing Visa Backlogs And Green Card Delays: The Reuniting Families Act
  • Deportation And Removal Defense: How To Understand Hardship


  • Beyond Lame Politics: Why The DREAM Act Will Pass
  • Immigrant Deportations For 2010 Sets All Time Record Under Obama Administration
  • Will Senator Menendez’s Immigration Reform Proposal Get A Fair Hearing?


  • 2009 Department of Homeland Security Report: Naturalized Citizens
  • No End In Sight For The ICE – Escondido Police Department Secretive Partnership
  • The Battle To Pass The DREAM Act: It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over
  • Does The American Public Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform?


  • 2009 Department of Homeland Security Report: Legal Permanent Residents
  • Immigration Reform Madness: 21 States Join The Arizona Bandwagon
  • Immigration Attorney Update: Is Immigration Reform Possible Without Congress?
  • An Emerging Political Middle: Can Utah Shape Immigration Reform Consensus?
  • New Border Enforcement Measure Puts Immigration Reform To Sleep For 2010
  • The Blue Campaign: The War Against Human Trafficking And Modern Day Slavery
  • Due Process For Deported Immigrants: The Right To Reopen Proceedings Under Carachuri-Rosendo

JULY 2010

  • Racism Has No Place In The Hemet And Riverside Immigration Reform Debate
  • New Centers Of Human Trafficking: Riverside And San Bernardino?
  • Immigration Attorney Update: DREAM Act Obstacles And Realities
  • Obama’s Immigration Speech: Comprehensive Reform Seems Unlikely In 2010

JUNE 2010

  • Riverside Immigration Reform Wildfires
  • Escondido Police Teams With ICE: How Will It Affect Immigrant Detentions
  • Immigration Reform Debate Heats Up In Hemet, Lake Elsinore, And Riverside
  • Hemet City Council Just Made A Bad Decison, For Many Reasons
  • Bullies In Black Robes: A Critique Of Immigration Courts And Immigration Judges
  • Supreme Court Carachuri-Rosendo Decision Opens Deportation Defense Doors For Lawful Permanent Residents
  • The Cuban Adjustment Act: A Special Path To Permanent Residence And Citizenship
  • How Will The Proposed Increase In USCIS Filing Fees Hurt Immigrant Families?
  • The Cuban Adjustment Act: 366 Days To Permanent Residence

MAY 2010

  • An Immigration Attorney’s Battle: The Fight To Correct False Labels About Immigrants
  • Is Hemet The New Center Of Immigration Debate In Southern California?
  • Immigration Attorney Warning: Deportations Of Immigrants Are Growing
  • TPS Program Extended For Honduran And Nicaraguan Immigrants
  • The Need To Fix Immigration Appeals
  • Governor Pardons: A New Defense Against Removal and Deportation?
  • MOSOPP’s Cry For Help: Ethno-Religious Genocide Or Political And Economic Corruption?
  • Immigration Appeals: The Need To Reform BIA Procedures

APRIL 2010

  • Deportation Or Citizenship: Immigration Military Veterans At A Cross Roads
  • Deportation Defense Fears Escalate In Arizona Under Senate Bill 1070
  • Halting Deportation Of Immigrant Children
  • Immigration Politics In Arizona: The Wild, Wild West
  • Deportation Law And The Shrinking Immigrant Population
  • Revisiting The Board Of Immigration Appeals’ Sleeping Justice In Deportation Cases
  • The Impact Of Deportation On Lawful Permanent Residents And Their Families
  • Deportations Without Judicial Discretion And Shattered Immigrant Families
  • Birthright Citizenship Of Immigration Children And The 14th Amendment
  • Deportation Defense: The Battle To Distinguish Major And Minor Criminal Convictions
  • Deportation Defense Challenge: Understanding Cancellation Of Removal

MARCH 2010

  • Immigration Fairness: The Need To Restore Judicial Discretion In Deportation Cases
  • The Debate Over U.S. Citizenship For Immigrant Children
  • Misguided Immigration Attorneys And Reverse Brain Drain
  • USCIS Issues Immigration Fraud Warning To Haitians Seeking Temporary Protected Status
  • Human Trafficking: A Call For Pro Bono Volunteers
  • The STEP Act: Pursuit Of The Iranian Bogeyman
  • Immigration Reform Ping Pong


  • Peace, Politics, And The Noble Candidacy Of Morgan Tsvangirai



  • All Fair’s In Love, War, And Immigration Politics
  • Why Diversity Fusion?


  • The DREAM Act: A Child’s Chance For Legal Residency


  • The Two Faces Of Immigration
  • Sleeping Justice: The Board Of Immigration Appeals’ Failure To Lead
  • Unjustified Deportation: How The Board Of Immigration Appeals Has Twisted Immigration Law
  • Dear President Obama: A Simple Suggestion To Reform Immigration Bureaucracy
  • From Civil War To Community
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