Why Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

You are not alone

Every day, across this country, people ask the same question.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday a potential client at my Hemet immigration law office asked, during her visit:

“Do I have to hire a lawyer?”

Only you can make this decision.

Before you choose, you might to consider why you pay for other types of services.

Hiring a lawyer is just like hiring any professional.

Take an auto mechanic. Why do you take your car to one? Because you do not know how to fix the problem with your car and you need your car?

Or how about a hair cut salon? You go there so they can help your hair look how you want it to look.

What about a heart surgeon? Here it is more life and death. You need the help. You need an expert to help you.

This is like going to an immigration lawyer. You may need to fight deportation. You may be facing separation, forever, from your spouse and kids.

So, no, you do not need to hire a lawyer, just like you do not need to hire an auto mechanic, a beautician, or a doctor.

But if you cannot handle something you really, really want or need, it is usually a good idea to see an expert.



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