My Father Was Arrested By ICE.
Can My Family Help Him?


My dad got arrested by immigration this morning. He was driving in Corona with some friends.

They did not have any charges on him. They were looking for someone else.

He called us from jail and said they were going to deport him for his old domestic violence conviction about 15 years ago.

He wants me to find an attorney to help him. What can I do to help him? Can the family get him out of jail on bond?


Before I can fully respond, there are many things I need to know. Here are just a few:

  • Is he a legal resident? Or is he here without documents?
  • Did he plead guilty for his conviction? Or did he go to trial?
  • Do you know the exact domestic violence charges?
  • Did he go to jail for that conviction? If so, how long?

Old convictions can cause serious immigration problems.

However, stay calm. Even as a Riverside immigration lawyer, it often takes a few days to figure out why ICE has taken folks into custody.

We can and will get to the bottom of your father’s arrest. At that point, we can offer better guidance for you, your father, and your family.

Give us a call to get started.


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