Why Batara Law


The practice of immigration law is more than just a job.

Helping others to live, work, and go to school legally in the United States is not just my profession. It is part of my family heritage.


My dad was an immigrant. I sometimes ask myself, if he was still alive, how would his applications have been handled by the U. S. government today?

Would my father have needed to hire an immigration attorney to help him?

How would that attorney have helped him as a client?

How would that attorney have treated him as a person?


My father’s spirit guides me when I represent clients.

Every case I handle is done in his honor and memory.

As your immigration lawyer, you can count on me. I will be a hard-working, tenacious, and dedicated advocate for your immigration needs.

At Batara Immigration Law, our goal is to treat our clients in the same way we expect our own spouses, children, parents, brothers, and sisters to be treated.

Carlos Batara