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One On One With Carlos Batara

This page provides a brief sampling of live, unrehearsed media interviews with , one of the nation’s most outspoken, creative, and passionate immigration and deportation defense lawyers.

Carlos is available to serve as a news commentator for breaking news stories and is often asked to contribute guess columns on breaking immigration news.

The Defeat Of DAPA And DACA At The Supreme Court

The Obama Plan Has Been Defeated: Now What?
The Huffington Post, July 1, 2016

To apply for DACA, an undocumented person must, in essence, come out from the shadows, and turn him or herself in to the very institution oriented to deportation – the Department of Homeland Security [DHS].

This should not be minimized. Most DACA applicants will come from families with multiple undocumented relatives. DACA is, in short, a high stakes gamble. I

If all goes well, there is no problem. But it carries with it the risk of long term disaster. Even assuming the best of DACA, with a new president to be elected next year, the short term future is sketchy at best. Imagine a Trump victory in the fall.


Terrorist Shooting In San Bernardino, California

Enrique Marquez had sham marriage to Russian woman

Keeping Immigrant Families Together

Renewing The Battle For Family Unity
San Diego Free Press

Family unity is the foremost principle underlying immigration law. The concept rests upon a realization that families are the bedrock of society. In a nation of immigrants, such as ours, laws that bring immigrant families together provide emotional, psychological, economic, and social stability to local communities.

It’s time to restore this heritage.


A Father’s Day Tribute

In a guest post written for the San Diego Free Press, Carlos discusses the profound impact that his father, a first generation immigrant, had on his career choice to become a lawyer.

My Father: An American Success Story

Deportation Rates In California

After the Syracuse University Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) issued a report on deportation trends, California Watch, a division of the Center for Investigative Reporting, solicited Carlos’ perspectives on the controversial findings.

His observations were reported by various news outlets, including the Riverside Press Enterprise and the Huffington Post.

STATE: Deportation rates drop in California


Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals

The News Hour, Pubic Broadcasting System

In a national interview on the PBS Hour, Carlos outlines why he feels immigration attorneys are possibly committing malpractice by pushing immigrant youth into signing up for DACA benefits without outlining the potential pitfalls.


Immigrant Abuse Allegations Against Escondido Police Department

Escondido May Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Checkpoints
KPBS, San Diego County

Following a series of complaints against the Escondido Police Department, Carlos addresses concerns posed by KPBS over Escondido detention and arrest policies regarding undocumented immigrants.


Preventing Immigration Fraud

National Notary Association

In this interview with the National Notary Association, Carlos discusses how notaries must exercise diligence in protecting their clients against immigration fraud scams.

Q&A: The Notary’s Role In Protecting Consumers Against Immigration Scams

Immigration Reform And Congress

Newt Gingrich as the new savior of immigration reform

The Congressional War Against Due Process Happens In Immigration Court





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