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Thank you for taking the time to request our free report about choosing an immigration attorney.

Here is the link to your FREE copy of:

“7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Attorney (Because Losing Isn’t An Option)”


I commend you for taking the time to carefully think about selecting a lawyer to help you and your family.

Too many times immigrants with strong cases make the fatal mistake of trying to handle their cases without an attorney.  Or worse, they choose someone who is not interested in fighting your case to the fullest extent.  As a result, far too many immigrants lose their big opportunity to legally work and live in the United States.

Never under-estimate the odds against your case, regardless how simple it seems.  There is a lot at stake for you and your family.

If you know someone who is looking for an immigration lawyer, and you feel our office can meet your needs, please call our 24 hour telephone number

(800) 646-0667

Winning immigration cases is harder today than ever before.  Those of us fighting for immigrants know that, right now, we’re living in the dark ages of immigration law.  To overcome the obstacles against immigrants requires sharing knowledge and insights.

This is why I wrote “7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Attorney.”

By sharing what I know about the hiring process, I hope to help others learn how to choose an immigration lawyer to help win immigration benefits – green cards, citizenship, family visa benefits – because losing is not an option.

Please feel free to give copies of this report to family members or friends.

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