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Immigration Trainings And Events


It’s time to come out of the immigration darkness.

Over the years, I’ve heard from countless families that tried to handle their cases on their own.

. . . and in many cases, this approach led to immigration disaster.

It led to deportation and family separation.

These outcomes bother me.

Isn’t there a way, I’ve asked myself, to help such individuals?

They need more information than they can get from a book.  Or from online materials.

Well, now, there is.

  • What if I take off my lawyer hat and instead I teach you immigration law?
  • What if I coach you past problems you can and should avoid?
  • What if I guide you through puzzling procedures and rules?

Of course, I cannot help everyone. But I can help a handful of motivated go-getters who are serious about winning their cases.

Through monthly presentations, group discussions, and simplified training materials, your understanding and knowledge about how to handle your own case will grow – as will your chances for permanent residence and immigration success.

Leave the immigration darkness behind.

Sign up for one of our special trainings today.

Family Immigration Seminars

We offer community seminars on a broad range of family immigration issues three times per month, at varying locations throughout the Inland Empire.


Topics cover commonly-asked concerns like:

  • How long does it take to take to get a family-based green card – and what factors determine how fast or how slow your case will move forward.
  • What are the requirements for marriage-based permanent residence – and what steps to take if your spouse’s income is too low to sponsor you
  • What types of questions are asked at green card, fiancé visa, or consular processing interviews – with practical tips to help you pass with flying colors.
  • Why can green card applications be denied – and what actions you should pursue to protect yourself against deportation

Click here to learn more: Family Immigration Seminars

Immigration Hardship Boot Camp 

If you’re facing deportation, don’t go to court alone and unprepared – go to Immigration Hardship Boot Camp first.

The Immigration Court Boot Camp for individuals facing deportation charges is an intense, all-day seminar designed to help immigrants who are planning to represent themselves at immigration court in cancellation of removal cases.

Whether you’ve decided to represent yourself, want to check up on the job your current attorney is doing, or can’t afford to retain your own counsel, Immigration Court Boot Camp will help give you defense-related information and guidance you need.

At Hardship Boot Camp, you’ll discover:

  • Why an immigrant’s history is important in hardship cases – with advice how to proceed when in doubt about past events at the border or interactions with immigration officers.
  • Practical advice such as where to sit, when to stand, how to address a judge, how to answer basic questions – with pointers to calm your nerves and build confidence.
  • What family members are considered qualifying relatives – and how to present both direct and indirect elements of hardship affecting them.
  • How to ask and encourage friends and family members to offer written and live testimony – with insights who to select as your best witnesses.

For more details on Hardship Boot Camp, click here: Immigration Hardship Boot Camp

Immigration Meet-Ups

Sometimes, we just like to shoot the breeze and get together with immigrant families, immigrant advocates and supporters – no green card or citizenship case required.

Our Immigration Meet-ups are designed to help the Inland Empire immigration community from all walks of life get together, network, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a totally social event.

Of course, if you want to talk about immigration issues, you’re perfectly free to do so.  All-in-all, it’s a great escape from your to-do list.

For more information about upcoming events, click here: Immigration Meet-ups.


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