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Inland Empire Family Immigration Monthly Seminars


What Can Go Wrong When You Try To Immigrate Your Spouse For A Green Card (And How To Prevent Such Problems)

Are you an immigrant or the spouse of an immigrant who is thinking about filing for a green card, or in the early stages of preparing your permanent residence application?

If so, our Family Immigration Seminars are tailored-made for you.

  • Maybe you’re not sure if you can trust advice you’ve been given by family members and friends, and you fear making careless mistakes.
  • Perhaps you’re worried about the chances of qualifying for permanent residence, or you’ve already filed for a green card but you don’t know what happens next.
  • Or your finances are stretched and you’re hesitant to meet with an attorney, yet you desperately want to go over your case with a family immigration expert.

That’s why we offer low-cost monthly immigration seminars.

At our seminars, you’ll get clear, unbiased, truthful answers to your immigration questions without paying huge legal fees up front.

Our family immigration presentations have provided immigrants throughout the Inland Empire with information they need for over 10 years and offer in-depth discussions on common permanent residence topics for significantly less than the cost of a one-hour consultation with a moderately priced attorney.

Our presentations cover both practical and legal issues.

During and after each seminar, attendees will have the opportunity to directly speak with Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara and seasoned paralegals about issues and concerns they don’t understand.

What Topics Are Covered At The Monthly Family Immigration Seminars?

At our family immigration seminars, you’ll learn:

Practical Guidance For Success

  • The five most common mistakes made by immigrants without lawyers – with pointers how to fix and avoid them.
  • What legal, financial and emotional issues arise during the green card process – and how to prepare a back-up plan in advance.
  • Why your immigration history is important to your green card strategy – with advice how to proceed when in doubt about past events at the border or interactions with immigration officials.
  • The basics of family-based immigration applications: forms, fees, medical exams, biometics, and financial affidavits of support.
  • The significance of supporting documents, from birth, death, and marriage certificates to employment, police, and court records.
  • How to ask and encourage friends and family members to offer written testimony and improve your chances for green card success.
  • How other immigrants like you are experiencing similar worries – and  gain insights for coping with the uncertainty of your immigration status.
  • How to build confidence and focus. Eliminate the noise and clutter of television, radio, and the internet to put your strongest case forward.
  • Alternative ways to win permanent residence through family relationships and other special immigration programs.
  • Why the 99% success advertisements and Uncle Jimmy’s experiences are myths – and how such claims may be indicators of immigration fraud.

Legal Insights For Success

  • What are the differences between fiancé visas and marriage-based petitions – and how to choose the best option for you and your future spouse.
  • How long does it take to take to get a family-based green card – and what factors determine how fast or how slow your case will move forward.
  • What are the requirements for marriage-based permanent residence – and what steps to take if your spouse’s income is too low to sponsor you
  • What types of questions are asked at green card, fiancé visa, or consular processing interviews – with practical tips to help you pass with flying colors.
  • Why can green card applications be denied – and what actions you should pursue to protect yourself against deportation
  • When can immigrants attend their permanent residence interviews in the United States – and possible dangers when you must return home.
  • How does a divorce affect an immigrant’s efforts to become a permanent residence – and three ways to survive the end of your marriage.
  • How do family immigration petitions filed many years ago affect your case – and when does such old paperwork help or hurt your permanent residence efforts.
  • The meaning of family unity waivers – and what factors are necessary to prove the level of extreme hardship required for success.
  • When can abused spouses seek green card status on their own without their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident husbands or wives.

Registration And Costs

The cost to attend is just $40 if you pre-register online, or $50 at the door.

Registration per seminar is limited to ten persons, so we can give each attendee as much personalized attention as possible.

For more information, contact the Immigration Law Offices of Carlos Batara at (800) 287-1180.  

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