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Immigration Hardship Boot Camp


Learn How To Fight Your Hardship Case
(With Or Without An Attorney)

If you’re here, it’s likely you need to prove hardship to your spouse or a special family member.

And you’re not sure where to begin.

You or a loved one is fighting family separation – and battling deportation – and you need to win a favorable cancellation of removal decision from the immigration court.

Or perhaps you need to win a family unity waiver from USCIS to prevent your family from being torn apart.

In both cases, you must prove hardship or game over.

Granted, you’ve got a tough road ahead.

But you can do it.

That’s what Hardship Boot Camp is about . . .

. . . To show you the ins and outs of immigration hardship so you can present your best case with or without an attorney.

Why Should You Attend Immigration Hardship Boot Camp?

At Immigration Hardship Boot Camp, you’ll learn:

  • What are the two standards for hardship encountered in immigration cases – and how are they different from each other.
  • What type of evidence is important in hardship cases – with examples how to best present such proof.
  • The significance of supporting documents, from birth, death, and marriage certificates to work, school, employment, medical, police, and court records.
  • Why an immigrant’s history is important in hardship cases – with advice how to proceed when in doubt about past events at the border or interactions with immigration officers.
  • Practical advice such as where to sit, when to stand, how to address a judge, how to answer basic questions – with pointers to calm your nerves and build confidence.
  • What family members are considered qualifying relatives – and how to present both direct and indirect elements of hardship affecting them.
  • What types of questions are asked at immigration court trials – with practical tips to help you improve your testimony.
  • How to ask and encourage friends and family members to offer written and live testimony – with insights who to select as your best witnesses.
  • Why hardship cases can be denied – and what actions you should take to protect yourself against deportation.
  • When to assess alternative ways to win permanent residence through family relationships and other special immigration programs.

And as a special bonus:

  • How to prepare your new best friend – your hardship case notebook – with suggestions to improve record-keeping and filing of important documents with immigration officials.

Hardship Boot Camp Registration

The Immigration Hardship Boot Camp is an intense, all-day seminar. It’s offered quarterly in January, April, July, and October on the fourth Saturday of each month at our office.

The fee for attending our six-hour seminar is just $197.00, far less than the cost of one hour with a moderately priced attorney.

Registration per Boot Camp session is limited to ten persons, so we can give each attendee as much personalized attention as possible.

Already Have An Attorney?

At Hardship Boot Camp, we’ll help you get ready to face the unknown, whether or not you’ve already hired an attorney to represent you.

Hardship cases are complicated, and full of pitfalls and stumbling blocks. One misstep, and you could seriously harm your case – and your family’s future. You really have only one put your best foot forward, so it’s critical that you are prepared as possible.

In fact, there’s no better way to make sure you understand what, why, and how well your lawyer is doing in putting your case together than by attending Hardship Boot Camp.

For more information, contact the Immigration Law Offices of Carlos Batara at (800) 287-1180.  


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