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by Carlos Batara



Interested in stimulating, unbridled, and sincere commentary that pulls no punches about everything and anything immigration?

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49 Minutes For Justice, Fairness, And Due Process

According to the Department of Justice, the Board of Immigration Appeals completed 36,690 cases in 2013.

There are 15 Board members.

On the average, this means 2,446 decisions per Board member per year.

203 decisions per Board member per month.

Assuming a 40 hour week, 50 weeks per year, each Board member works 2,000 hours per year.

That’s 49 minutes per case.

In a best case scenario.

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The Absence Of Immigration Court Neutrality

Henry Adams was right.

A great teacher affects eternity; no one knows where his or her influence stops.

Larry Schwartz, my college history instructor, was that type of educator.

Outside my parents, Professor Schwartz was the most influential person in my life. As an educator, he guided my studies of social, racial, and political injustices. As a mentor, he inspired me to become a professional dedicated to helping the downtrodden and disadvantaged.

He taught me, above all else, that law is the ultimate instrument of political power.

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Immigration Live 001: Chasity Alvarez On Family Unity

There is little doubt that keeping mixed status families together is one of the most pressing issues facing immigration reform advocates today.

This is why we invited Chasity Brewster Alvarez, founder of Fair Unity, to be our first guest on Batara Immigration Live.

Over the course of a few months, Chasity went from being a spouse of an undocumented immigrant with no knowledge about immigration issues to the leader of one of the internet’s largest immigrant family support groups.

In this hangout, Chasity shares her experiences, in the hopes spouses of immigrants, like her, gain valuable tips, strategies, and insights for their personal journey to permanent residency and U.S. citizenship.

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Too Much Due Process For Immigrants?

The immigration court system has many flaws.

Too much due process is not one of them.

A few years back, Law Professor Bennett L. Gershman aptly described how immigration courts work:

“Imagine a legal proceeding where the judge is hired by the chief prosecutor, the defendant is charged with an unintelligible offense, he has no lawyer to defend him, the proceedings are conducted in a language he does not understand, and the punishment is banishment from his home, his livelihood, and his family for the rest of his life.”

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New ICE Target: Cambodian Refugees

Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) in 1996, a law with an extensive retroactive effect on past actions.

Immigrants with convictions – however minor, however old – were left with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Most immigrants were unsuspecting.

The story of Many Uch is one such case.

Uch moved to the U.S. when he was just 8-years old to escape genocide in Cambodia. He considers the U.S. home but he never completed the naturalization process.

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The Anti-Immigrant Propaganda War

Propaganda is to democracy, Noam Chomsky once noted, what violence is to totalitarianism.

Repeated often enough, manipulative messages dissolve critical analysis.

Orwell knew this. Huxley knew this. Hitler knew this.

Yet, for all of their good intentions, immigrant advocates have not sufficiently engaged in this battle.

Many of my immigration reform colleagues scoff at their opponents’ repulsive messages as being simplistic and ridiculous.

They’re right.

However, they underestimate the force of these messages.

That’s a grave error.

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