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Our Approach To Immigration Law


How We’ve Helped Clients From More Than 100 Different Countries Win Their Cases And Achieve Their Immigration Dreams

The practice of immigration law is more than just a job.

Helping others to live, work, and go to school legally in the United States is not just my profession. It is part of my family heritage.

My dad was an immigrant.

I sometimes ask myself, if he was still alive, how would his applications to become a permanent resident and U. S. citizen have been handled by the U. S. government today?

Would my father have needed to hire an immigration attorney to help him?  How would that attorney have helped him as a client?  How would that attorney have treated him as a person?

Would someone – a lawyer, a notario, or an immigration assistant – have tried to take advantage of his limited English?  Would they have talked over his ability to comprehend, or would they speak to him with the respect and dignity all human beings deserve?

My father’s spirit guides me when I represent clients.

Every case I handle is done in his honor and memory. Every immigrant I assist is a reminder of his courage and inner strength – the same courage and inner strength all immigrants need in order to succeed.

Immigration rules are strict. Each year they become stricter. As more and more immigrants seek to become legal residents, the U. S. government has made the process tougher and tougher.

Under every immigration program, there are traps and dangers for many immigrant families – families, who if they go to the wrong person, could end up facing deportation.

This is why you need to find an immigration attorney you can trust.


As your immigration lawyer, you can count on me.

I will be a hard-working, tenacious, and dedicated advocate for your immigration needs.  After all, every immigrant I help is a tribute to my father .  .  .  an immigrant who made it possible for me to enjoy the many benefits of living in the United States.

I know and appreciate the immigrant experience.

I cannot guarantee the final result.  I will not make false promises.  If I cannot help you, I will let you know right at the start.  But once I accept your case, it’s based on my belief that I can make a difference in helping you and your family reach your immigration goals.

And if I can help you and your loved ones, then maybe your children will someday become lawyers and doctors.

With Each Case We Accept, We
Follow These Principles

We Identify the Widest Range of Immigration Options Possible

  • We analyze each client’s eligibility for the immigration options he or she desires.
  • We explore the full range of options that may be open to our client.
  • We evaluate if our client qualifies for little-known immigration programs.

We Avoid Surprises

  • We examine a case from our opponents’ view, to anticipate roadblocks and develop responses in advance.
  • We assess problem areas – like false or inconsistent information presented in previous filings.
  • We notify clients immediately when a problem arises that might hinder the success of an application or petition.
  • We review negative factors that might influence an immigration officer or judge from granting a favorable decision.

Every human being and every case is special. Difficult circumstances cause good, honest, hardworking people to seek legal help. At such times, the legal system can seem confusing and unfair. My job, as their attorney, is to provide not only assistance and expertise, but also compassion and commitment.

—  Carlos Batara

We Believe Success Is In the Details

  • We study clients’ history – tax records, employment background, convictions, education, family ties, and community participation.
  • We prepare our clients thoroughly for all hearings and interviews.
  • We draft applications, petitions, court pleadings, and affidavits with accuracy and efficiency.
  • We obtain and develop supporting evidence in support of our clients’ positions.

We Defend Our Clients with Compassion and Commitment

We value and respect our clients as individuals with special needs. We understand there is a profound human story behind every immigration case. Our goal is to treat our clients the way we would want our own spouse, parents, children, brothers, and sisters treated.


If you’re serious about evaluating how to win your immigration case,
with fresh eyes in a comprehensive manner . . .

Let’s schedule your Strategy And Planning Session today.

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