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Who We Help

If you’re like most of our clients, you understand teamwork is necessary for victory.

Our clients are committed to putting time and effort into their cases, the information they provide, the applications they file, the declarations they write, and the evidence they submit.

They understand there are no shortcuts to success.

That’s what makes them a good fit for Batara Immigration Law.

Our clients care deeply about their spouses and children, their parents, brothers and sisters.

They have dreams of living in a nice home, a better paying job, and freedom from the fear of deportation. Family separation is unacceptable to them.

For over 20 years, doing the work we love – helping immigrants from places all over the world – has depended on developing a strong relationship with our clients.

Our clients are more than just partners to us – they are individuals who appreciate the opportunities in this country, who value their communities, families, and work colleagues, and who also happen to be nice, genuine, and honorable human beings.

This means we turn down a lot of potential work. We say no to the wrong fit so we can say yes to the right fit.

It’s this approach that enables us to come into the office, day after day, week after week, with a dedication to those we serve, the success they seek, and the dreams they deserve.

Cases We Handle

For over 30 years, we have helped clients win hard cases nationwide from coast to coast. Click here for more information about such services: 10 Types Of Hard Immigration Cases You Can Win (Wherever You Live)

Tips, Guides, And Advice

If you’re a person who likes to spend time researching information about issues before meeting with a lawyer, I built this website to provide you with a wide selection of tips and insights for your immigration journey to success.

Be sure to check out our Immigration Resources page, where you will find links to charts and graphs, questions and answers, videos, how-to articles, checklists, and breaking news.

We also provide free reports that you can download from our Immigration Bookstore page.

We also provide new guidance and updated advice three times each week.  You can find our latest episode here: Podcast Briefings.

Knowledge is power. We believe the more you understand about your case, the better equipped you’ll be to make life-changing decisions for you and your family.

Popular Blog Posts

I write a lot. When I’m not putting together briefs, motions, and appeals for clients, I author a blog on Immigration Law, Policy, And Politics. My goal is to help inspire the clarity, courage, and confidence you need to succeed.

Since you’re probably new to my website – and you likely wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t – here are links to some of my most popular posts.

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For our full list of recommendations from clients, see Client Testimonials And Reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Office

Do I Really Need To Hire An Attorney?

This is a hard question to answer. The answer is maybe, maybe not. It depends on the facts of your case and your understanding of the immigration system. You should think carefully about possible issues you might face on the road to permanent residency or citizenship. Sometimes, potential problems that seem small to clients are far more serious to government officials.

If you know enough about immigration law to defend yourself and avoid mistakes, you may not need to hire a lawyer. Yet, since losing can mean being deported from the U.S. and separation from your spouse and family, helping yourself is not a risk you should take lightly.

Can You Guarantee That I Will Win My Case?

No, I cannot guarantee you will win your case. But I will tell you this. I refuse to take a cookie-cutter approach to your case. At our first meeting, I will dive into the ins and outs of your situation, and provide you with my opinion about the obstacles you might have to face. I will explain potential courses of action.

When it comes to deciding what steps to take, you and I will reach that conclusion together. I cannot guarantee the final result. I will not make false promises. If I cannot help you, I will let you know right at the start. Once I accept your case, it’s based on my belief that I can make a difference in helping you and your family reach your immigration goals.

Do You Charge For A Consultation?

I charge $85.00 for an initial consultation. Here’s why.

I believe winning requires providing you with the best possible analysis from the beginning of our relationship. Many clients call my offices with questions like, “What will you charge to help my husband get a green card?” Or “How much will it cost to fight my father’s case at immigration court?” I cannot answer such questions with integrity until after we meet for a full and comprehensive consultation.

When you first call, the reality is that I do not know anything about what it will take to win. Because no two cases are exactly alike, it’s unfair to your family and it’s unfair to my office to base fees on guessing. Consider taking your car in for repairs or visiting a dentist. The auto mechanic will usually run a few tests to figure out what is causing your car to run raggedy. The dentist takes x-rays to find out the source of your pain.

Similarly, I need to sit down with you to learn more about your immigration history and personal circumstances, so that I can give you honest and genuine advice about what can help and what can hurt your efforts to obtain or maintain lawful immigration status in the United States.

What Experiences Do You Have Handling Cases Like Mine?

Without a personalized consultation, I cannot answer this question. Moreover, because no two cases are exactly alike, your case is different in some aspects than any other case that I have ever handled. Some cases may be 70%, maybe 80% similar to other cases, but your case has unique facts specific only to you and your family. That’s why taking cookie-cutter approaches to immigration law are wrong.

Even small differences between two cases, although they may seem insignificant, can lead to vastly different outcomes. But as an attorney who has practiced immigration law for over 20 years and helped immigrants from over 125 countries, I’ve been fortunate to handle a wide range of legal challenges involving immigrant visas, permanent residency, citizenship, and deportation issues.

Coupled with my training at Harvard Law School, I’ve learned good lawyering requires not only perseverance but also purposefulness, not only compassion but also commitment. Based on these experiences, even though I have not handled a case exactly like yours, I am confident if I can perceive legal options to win your case, I can structure solutions to improve your chances for immigration success.

Click here to view our complete set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank You For Being Here

For many clients, the biggest fear is “Who Should I Trust?” The fear is real. I’ve heard too many stories of immigrants who were ripped off by scammers and dishonest paralegals, notarios, and lawyers.

So I took action into my own hands. I wrote a short guide on how to spot and prevent the most common types of immigrant fraud before you or your loved ones become the next victims of such con artists. You can get instant access by simply clicking this link and entering your name and email address.

Before you go, as an added token of my appreciation that you have read this far, when you download my E-book, you’ll get access to my newsletter where I share information which cannot be found on my blog or website. (Rest assured that I won’t try to sell you anything, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

To Your Immigration Success!




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