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Testimonials And Reviews

“Carlos is an expert in immigration law and immigration appeals. Whenever I have an immigration case with unusual issues, I consult Carlos. He always has ideas on how to best present a client’s case. He has a knack for challenging laws in creative ways.

I remember once when a family of six, the parents and four kids, came to me after they lost their case at Immigration Court. Their case seemed bleak. I sent them to Carlos. When I saw the family two years later, I learned they had moved to Riverside. Carlos had won their appeals and the Immigration Court had to start their cases over again.”

Joseph La Costa, San Diego, California


“Lawyers like Carlos Batara are, quite simply, a rarity. He represents everything that is meant by…’quality legal care’. While he is serious and passionate, he carries a soft heart for those he adopts as clients.

When it counts the most, this is the attorney I want on my side. This is the person I want with me when times get tough.”

Jose Cruz, San Diego, California


“I had a scholarship to attend college but I could not use it. My husband and I felt like giving up. We were placed in proceedings at Immigration Court. The government wanted to deport us. We felt hopeless. We hired Carlos Batara. He used a law from almost 70 years ago to prove the government could not use certain rules against us. Not even the Judge knew about this law. We won. I think even the Judge was shocked.”

Martha Vega, Riverside, California



“Carlos Batara is a down-to-earth guy. He has a fancy Harvard education but he doesn’t try to impress you with it.

Carlos doesn’t wear fancy jewelry. If you pop into his office on a day when he has no court hearings, you might find him wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He doesn’t try to bamboozle you with complicated words. He takes his time to explain things so you can understand the meaning.

My case is over now. When I think about my case, I don’t think of Carlos as just my lawyer. He was like a good buddy to me.”

Mark Helmich, Biloxi, Mississippi


“From the first call to the last, Carlos was there for us. He was always professional and supported us whenever we needed him. When we first talked to Carlos, we were worried about the impact that the COVID-19 would have on our case.  But he calmed our fears and gave us the confidence to take the next step.

As the case unfolded, despite several back-and-forth changes in the law, Carlos and his staff always made sure we had what we needed and understood what was going on. We definitely recommend Carlos to anyone going through the immigration process.”

Ben Umansky and Shira Keshet, Los Angeles, California


“Great attorney. Very dedicated and always upfront on your particular immigration case. We had a great experience. Thank you, Mr. Batara and team!”

Enrique Bernal, Chula Vista, California



“Carlos is like family to me. I first hired him almost 15 years ago. Since then he’s helped my mother, my brother, my cousin, and 2-3 friends.

He’s not like other lawyers I’ve met. He doesn’t talk above you. He doesn’t play ego trips on you. He talks to you like a real person, like an old friend – like someone you might have met in high school.

But there’s another side to him. He fights to win for you. That’s why my family and friends keep sending cases to his office.”

Gloria Jimenez, La Mesa, California


“I heard about Carlos from some church friends. They told me he was a good lawyer who really cares about his clients. I had tried 20 years before to get my green card. Since then I always worried that I might get stopped by immigration officers. I was tired of living in fear. I was tired of hiding. I decided to call Carlos’ office.

My case had some rough spots. At first, the immigration offices denied my case again. I was scared. Carlos would not back down. He filed an appeal. He won. I was given permanent residence. I wanted to cry I was so happy.

Let me say one more thing. Carlos has a wonderful staff. Everyone who works for him treated me with respect and courtesy. They all wanted me to win my case – I think they wanted me to win as much as I wanted to win.”

Domitila Brambila, Hemet, California


“After talking to five different attorneys, I knew Mr. Batara was the one for me. He was the only one who made me feel secure.

I like the way Mr. Batara is detailed oriented. From the start, he was very serious about my case and I knew, after looking at the final packet he prepared for me, he did his very best for me. He approached this situation like I would have, piece by piece, as if he were putting together a puzzle.

Not only was the package sent off to Immigration officials in a professional manner, he did everything in under a week for me. I had a deadline, and Mr. Batara met it, making my life easier and I was stress free the whole time.

I would recommend Mr. Batara to anyone who needs immigration help. He made me feel like I trusted the right person with a very important life decision. I feel like I got his best, and that, to me, says a lot.”

Popee Andronis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Mr. Batara took my case when I was fixing my immigration papers back in 2003. He is very professional, and thanks to Mr. Batara a judge granted me my resident card. I am now a proud United States Citizen.”

Corina Y. Bermudez-Musa, San Diego, California


“When it comes to immigration law, Carlos is the Man!

My wife had overstayed her visitor’s visa for several years. She had graduated from high school in her home country. She wanted to go to college here but felt trapped. She was afraid of getting deported.

My mother told us to contact Carlos. Her co-worker told my mom that her husband had lost his immigration case. Then they hired Carlos. Carlos won the case. So we went to talk with Carlos.

I was not earning much at the time. I did not think we could afford his fees. But Carlos agreed to help us. He worked out a payment plan we could afford. My wife won her case. Now she’s a college graduate and a U.S. Navy officer.”

Harry Mercado, Jr., Tucson, Arizona



“Boy we were pleased we found Carlos, a wealth of knowledge in immigration situations. He helped us out with a very unique immigration situation. I cannot thank Carlos enough for his help. I will be back when it comes time to become a citizen.

Thank you sir, you did us proud.”

Karl Haymer, Murrieta, California


“From the moment I met Carlos, I knew I was in the right law office.

I am a veteran of 27 years. During my 27 years, I attempted to become a U.S. citizen through the military legal system. The military legal system was of no avail to me.

The moment I sat down with Mr. Batara, however, I knew he was going to get me my citizenship. Mr. Batara and his assistants filed all of the necessary paperwork and walked me through the process from start to finish. Mr. Batara filed my case in mid-February and only four months later, I was a U.S. citizen.

I highly recommend anyone seeking to become a U.S. citizen to seek out and hire Carlos.

Thank you so much to both Mr. Batara and his assistants.”

George Ortiz, Winchester, CA


“I used Mr. Carlos Batara ‘s services on an immigration case. His dedication and professionalism, it’s the best. Thank you Mr. Batara.”

Johnny Camino Delly, Escondido, California



“I’ve never wanted to hire a lawyer. My father had a bad experience with one. I was about 12 years old. I still remember that lawyer. He always seemed like he was talking down to my parents. He was rude and didn’t care to listen to us.

So when we needed to hire a lawyer, I was not happy. We had no choice. Either we hired an attorney or we risked losing my brother. A strange thing happened. Once we met with Carlos, I knew he was different. He listened. He was polite. He even made us laugh a few times. I trusted him. But I still didn’t fully trust him.

After each meeting I trusted him more. The case was close. As we got near the end, I worried if my brother would win or lose – but I was not worried about our attorney. I could tell Carlos was doing his best. I learned an important lesson. There are lawyers and then, like Carlos, there are good lawyers.

By the way, my brother won his case.”

Vanessa Odom, San Bernardino, California


“When relatives have problems, I’m the uncle who gets called for advice and help. One day I received a frantic telephone call from a cousin in New Mexico. I agreed to find and help pay for an attorney.

I called a lawyer who handled a case for me a few years earlier. Since he went to Harvard, I figured he knew a good immigration lawyer. My hunch was right. One of his best friends from law school, Carlos Batara, had offices in San Diego and Riverside and took cases in other states.

Carlos went into action right away. He flew into Albuquerque the next weekend. The case lasted about two years but it went smoothly and my cousin won. Although I live in Northern California and my cousin in Santa Fe, it seemed like Carlos was just around the corner. This is why I would recommend Carlos for anyone living anywhere if they need a good immigration lawyer.”

Gus Rivera, San Francisco, California



“Thank You Sooooo Much Carlos!!!

My Family Thanks You!!!

I thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into my case. I will forever be grateful for all the encouragement you gave me and my family.

Thank you for looking at me as a person and not as another case. You have what other lawyers lack – which is passion and compassion. You have the passion that it takes to win a case, to find the best angles to fight a case.

You always made me feel that what was happening to me mattered to you as well, and this showed me that you had compassion towards me and my family.

You have heart, real heart. You care about your clients. It’s clear to me that your heart is what makes the difference between you and other lawyers.

Thank you forever Carlos!!!”

Juan Herrera, Lake Elsinore, California


“For over ten years I have referred immigration clients to Carlos Batara. He is always extremely charismatic and relentless in their defense. Not surprisingly, clients speak highly of the services provided by Carlos and his office staff. I recommend Carlos to anyone who is looking for an immigration trial attorney – especially if they have a hard case.”

George Melgoza, Ramona, California


“I came to the U.S on a work visa. When I got divorced, my papers were cancelled. I was too afraid to ask anyone for help. I lived like this for 15 years.

Then I married again. For over a year I did nothing. I thought it was illegal to file new papers. A friend told me to visit Attorney Batara about my problem. My husband and I went to talk with him, and we hired him on the spot.

Two months later my husband moved out. I thought my dreams were over.

When Attorney Batara called, I would not call him back. I did not reply to his letters. I wanted to be left alone, so one day I returned the call. I talked to his secretary. She was very nice. She convinced me to meet with him before giving up. She said he might be able to find another way to help me.

He listened to my story and laid out a new plan. He said it would be hard. We had to start over again. He was very sincere, so I agreed to try. I’m lucky that I took the chance. He helped me every step, and now I’m finally a legal resident.”

Amalia Rodgers, Victorville, California



“Carlos took my asylum case after I had already been denied. I thought my case would never end. But seven years later it ended, and we won.

It seemed like the government kept coming up with new obstacles. We kept fighting back. It didn’t seem fair. Carlos would tell me, “Okay, it is unfair. But the bottom line is that we have more work to do.” The long fight was definitely worth it. I recommend Carlos to others who need help for an immigration case.”

Angel Munoz, Escondido, California


“Carlos helped my daughter in a very difficult immigration case last year. He was very responsive to our concerns and helped us in creating a sound strategy to combat immigration challenges.

He and his team drafted multiple legal documents with detail explanation of our case. He analyzed multiple routes and utilized all possible venues. The result is victory for my daughter and she received her green card.”

Joseph Zhang, Chicago, Illinois


“Our experience with Attorney Batara was excellent! He’s full of knowledge and he won’t take any case just to make money. He’s very selective and works hard to win. If he thinks that he cannot put up a good fight, he tells clients straight up.

After meeting with over 10 attorneys all over Southern California, he was the only one willing to take and fight our difficult case. It was not an easy situation. All the other attorneys we saw repeatedly mentioned that I was going to be penalized with a 10 year bar and that there was no way around it. They all suggested not to do anything. They said just “wait until the law changes.”

My husband and I didn’t want that. We wanted to start our family and live like a normal couple. We were not sure the law would ever change. We finally came across the Law Offices of Mr. Batara and he was the light at the end of our tunnel. He saw a way to win my case. He agreed to help us.

The law has not changed – but we won anyway. I strongly recommend Mr. Batara to anyone who needs immigration help. During the case, he kept telling me, “Don’t panic, Hispanic.” He meant it. If he takes your case, you can be sure he will do his best to help you.”

Maria Fernandez, Riverside, California



“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Batara.

You were so helpful when my husband and I needed you. It is impossible to say how grateful we are. We’re still amazed you took our case way over in Alaska and traveled here to assist me in immigration court.

We did not plan to hire anyone from California. But as you know, no one here would take our case. We were told there might be one way to win, but the law was still too new and iffy. We feel fortunate one attorney told us that you might know how to handle this type of case. I don’t think he believed you would go back and forth to help us. We didn’t either. But you did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Jesus McKelvey, Fairbanks, Alaska


“On a scale of 1-10 Carlos Batara rates an 11.

Imagine my surprise how lucky I was to find a Harvard trained lawyer in Hemet. When I brought my wife’s immigration case to him she had been to another lawyer, who had not been able to achieve any results after 5 years. Mr. Batara got the case finished within 6 months with great results. We were both overjoyed. He is very compassionate, sympathetic and brilliant.”

Jerry Lassoff, Hemet, California



“I worked with Mr. Batara long distance. I live in Los Angeles. There are many lawyers here but I felt like he was the right attorney for my case. It took a lot of courage to trust him with my case. I could tell his sincerity talking to him over the telephone. I don’t think any other attorney could have done it this way. He has proven to be a great attorney, after working for me and my husband a couple of years by email and phone. No matter what, when I finally went to his office, it was worth the two hour drive to meet him and his staff. They put in a lot of hard work and dedication. They are great to work with.”

Lorena Santana, Los Angeles, California


“Carlos was always very helpful to me as I sought to become a United States citizen.  At first, I was not sure about whether to seek citizenship.  But the insights Carlos provided in our first meeting convinced me to move forward.

During the case, whenever I had a question or issue, I would call the office and he or his staff members would take care of me.  Anytime I needed anything, the office was there for me.

I highly, highly recommend the Law Offices of Carlos Batara to anyone and plan to recommend their services to my family and friends.  I am now a naturalized citizen.  Thank you, Carlos, for the hard work you and your team did for me.”

Jose Herrera, Riverside, California


“Mr. Batara is one of the best immigration lawyers. I have used services of other lawyers in the past but none of them were even close to his level. He helped me with my very complex case and we won it even though my chances of success were very low. But Mr. Batara’s brilliant strategy really worked.”

Anton Gladky, Pahoa, Hawaii


“I went to immigration court with my mother-in-law and husband. I did not have an attorney. We watched about 12 cases before it was my turn. Mr. Batara stood out.

My mother-in-law used to work for judges. She said that she saw good attorneys, bad attorneys, and so-so attorneys. When she watched Mr. Batara, she said he was the attorney she wanted for my case. She wrote his name down. We called him the next day. He worked hard to help me keep my family together in the United States.

My mother-in-law was right. Mr. Batara is a very good lawyer. I recommend him to anyone who needs a good immigration lawyer.”

Sumitra Ward, Moreno Valley, California


“I was so scared. I got stopped in San Ysidro by immigration on my way back from vacation. They wanted to take away my green card. I have been a lawful resident for over 10 years and I have special work licenses and certifications. They let me go free. But they said I would have to go to immigration court. I did not know what to do.

I went back to North Carolina. I called some of the big immigration offices there. They said they could not help me. So I started looking up attorneys. I was confused. I prayed, asking The Lord to help me find someone good who could help me. A few days after, I found out about Carlos. When I talked to him on the telephone, he seemed nice and like he knew what he was doing.

I was still scared. He was way over in California. I was afraid he might rip me off and not really do much for me. I prayed some more and then I hired him.

Even though we were 2,000 miles apart, Carlos and his team made me feel safe. They returned my calls and answered my questions. They made me work hard to give them information needed to get my case ready. And Carlos would meet with me a few days before my court hearings to make sure I was prepared to answer questions.

When it was all over, we won my case. My prayers were answered.”

Ranferi Calvillo, Lincolnton, North Carolina

“It seems like my wife and I had a consultation with every immigration attorney from Beverly Hills to the Inland Empire. No one would take on our case, except for a few who did not seem genuine. We didn’t feel good about them.

One day we took the drive out to Hemet to visit Carlos. He gave us hope, we felt he was honest. Our case took several years. But he made it happen. My wife and I will never again live in fear of being separated. I highly recommend Carlos to anyone. Plus, he’s very flexible on his payment terms. Last but not least his staff is amazing. They were always there to answer our million phone calls and to keep us informed.”

Pat South, Corona, California


”This is to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional legal representation provided by Mr. Batara and his staff. Initially, there were concerns as to how we were going to communicate with the distance between us. While we live in the Northeast, Mr. Batara’s office is located on the West Coast. During our first call with him, Mr. Batara made it clear that the distance would not be an issue and he was right. Throughout process both he and his staff demonstrated a genuine concern for our well-being, providing not only legal guidance but also much-needed emotional support. The professionalism, integrity, attention to detail and responsiveness we experienced were consistently evident, making us feel reassured and confident in our choice of legal representation.

Mr. Batara’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome has truly set him apart as an outstanding immigration attorney. From the moment we engaged his services, it was evident that he possessed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the law related to our case. He was very receptive to our issue and his ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a clear and concise manner helped us navigate the legal process with clarity. The successful resolution of our case is a testament to his skillful representation and tireless efforts. Their diligence and perseverance have left a lasting impression on us, and we are immensely grateful for the positive outcome you secured on our behalf. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to others seeking legal representation of the highest caliber.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding service. We wish you continued success in your legal career.”

Beteah and Christian Smith, Cranston, Rhode Island


“My family did not think we would ever get our immigration case taken care of – until Mr. Batara took the case.”

Michelle Chapman, Hemet, California


“One day ICE stopped me at a gas station. I told them that my mother filed papers for me when I was younger. But I turned 21 and had to wait longer before I could become a permanent resident. They took me to an immigration jail in El Paso, Texas.

I was thinking about giving up. Then Mr. Batara showed up one day. He told me that my mother had sent him. He told me that he would set up a bond hearing to get me out of jail and try to get my case moved to California.

He left town but he came back on the weekend to get me ready for the hearing on Monday. At the hearing, the judge said he would release me on bond. He told us to come back the next month for another hearing to find out if he would transfer my case to San Diego. We went back to court and the judge approved our request.

Less than two years later, Carlos was able to get my case dismissed. I won a green card under my mother’s papers.”

Sergio Mendez, Carlsbad, California



“I lost my case at immigration court. I did not know what to do. I started calling lawyers. None of them made me feel good about my case. Most of them did not give me hope and some said there was nothing I could do.

Then I found out about Carlos. After talking to him on the telephone, we made an appointment for Saturday. I had less than 10 days to file my appeal with the BIA. Carlos had a different attitude than the other lawyers. He said that he needed to read my papers before giving me an opinion. I emailed almost 100 pages to him. I drove 2 ½ hours to his office.

He surprised me when he said that he saw an angle to challenge the judge’s decision. He did not sugarcoat my situation. He told me that the issue would be brand new. He had never seen or heard anyone raise it before. He made it clear there were no guarantees but that he would do his best. Carlos seemed sincere. I believed he was telling me the truth. I also knew he went to Harvard and Harvard guys are pretty intelligent. So I hired him.

For two years, I lived in fear of losing and being deported. Then I received a letter from the Board of Immigration Appeals. I was scared to open it. The letter said I won. I felt numb. I started crying. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mr. Batara.

Joseph Talanay, Rancho Cucamonga, California


“Thank you Carlos Batara !!!

He was the first attorney that gave me a good feeling. Through his experience and wisdom, he took my case even though he told me what I didn’t want to hear. His honesty was what appealed to me the most, because others made it sound too easy. Thanks to him I’m able to reunite with my family that I had not seen for a very long time.”

Maria Gutierrez, San Marcos, California


“Carlos is my brother. Not my real brother, of course.

At first, I called one of those lawyers with big television commercials. He was not doing immigration law anymore. He gave me Carlos’ name and number. He said Carlos took tough cases and maybe he could help me.

During my case, Carlos treated me pretty cool. He’s not stuffy. He’s easy to talk to, and I grew tight with him. I started calling him “brother” like I call all my close friends.

My case took six years. It was a tough fight. We lost some motions, yet Carlos would fight back with new ideas. He would tell me we only lost a battle, we did not lose the war. In the end, we won the war. Thanks to my brother.”

Al Duran, Fullerton, California



“I cannot say Carlos is the best immigration lawyer. But I can tell you this. Carlos is a really good lawyer. He is hard-working, honest, and smart.

At our first meeting, Carlos told me that my case would not be easy. Even when things looked bad, he never stopped fighting. He always seemed ready for the government’s next move. It was like he was always one step ahead. I will never forget his closing argument. The way he took the government’s case apart piece by piece was a masterpiece. I don’t know how to describe it but it was powerful. After the case, even the judge praised him.

I am now free to enjoy my wife and three kids. We live in a good neighborhood and take regular vacations. I have a good job. Without Carlos’ help, I would have lost all of this.”

Octavio Landeros, Palm Desert, California


“My husband and I started the process for his permanent residency in 2013. We received our first denial along with a deportation notice months later. We decided to go through a local immigration attorney. At the time we were in a severe time crunch. The appeal was denied and my husband faced deportation for the second time.

Luckily, we had been researching a few months before this happened and found Carlos Batara. I immediately made an appointment for a consultation. He asked us to send him copies of the documents we filed and the two denials.

One day later we talked again. Carlos explained what was going on in our case. He said that he wanted to make sure we understood how hard it is to win these types of appeals. He told us what he thought needed to be done to overcome the denial. He said it would be a lot of work on our part. He did not promise we would win. However Carlos was confident there were good points in our favor.

We had to move fast and immediately started working on our case. We were in constant contact with one another getting all of the necessary documents together. Carlos was sure to cover all of the bases and not miss a step to give the government a chance to try to deny our appeal again.

After months of waiting for the decision, I am proud to say my husband was finally approved for his permanent residency! I am certain without the hard work of Carlos Batara, our appeal would not have been successful. He saved my family, and most importantly, he saved our little girl’s father from being taken from her.

I am so very thankful that we found Carlos Batara. He is definitely a godsend and is very knowledgeable. I cannot thank him enough!”

Dana Velasquez, Salem, Virginia



“I had TPS for almost 20 years. I heard that it was going to end. I called Carlos. He told me that he believed he could help me using some new court rules. I was not sure and had to think about it for a few weeks. He seemed like someone I could trust. I hired him. Now I have a green card. Gracias, Carlos.”

Gloria Ramirez, Banning, California


“My wife and I were married and she had some immigration issues with having over-stayed her tourist visa. We searched the web and found Carlos Batara an immigration Lawyer. After reading his reviews, we decided to give him a call. When we first met him I was very impressed with his level of education. He got his law degree from Harvard University and attended USC before that. Given this, I was confident he probably knew what he was doing.

Carlos was very through. He held on to every scrap of paper we gave him that had some piece of information on it that could be useful in the future. After we were done, the application was submitted. Carlos informed us on what would happen next each step of the way.

The interview was easy and short. We told the officer that we expected the interview to be longer and she said it usually is but since all our paperwork was in order there was no need to make it longer. We walked out of the building very happy that my wife was now a legal resident. We will come back in two years to remove the conditions on her permanent resident green card and then file for full citizenship. And, of course, we’ll hire Carlos Batara to be there every step of the way. Thank you Carlos!”

Lee Marshall, Hemet, California


”I am writing this review with immense gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Carlos Batara and his team. Before finding Mr. Batara, my husband and I had an attorney who refused to address our questions and concerns and told us that our case would be denied. After research, we found Mr. Batara on YouTube and his expertise and passion for helping people with their immigration cases was clearly evident. We regained hope from watching his videos and immediately decided to consult with Mr. Batara.

From the very first consultation and throughout the entire process we knew that we had found not just an attorney, but a compassionate, knowledgeable, dedicated and honest advocate who genuinely cared about our immigration case. Mr. Batara and his team’s commitment to our case was unwavering and they consistently went above and beyond to ensure that we felt supported, heard and informed throughout the entire process.

Thank you again to Mr. Batara and his team for all of your efforts. My husband and I couldn’t have imagined consulting with any other attorney. Mr. Batara and his team are truly a blessing from God.”

Khadija Fears, Atlanta, Georgia



“My husband started immigration papers for me 15 years ago. We divorced. He didn’t finish the papers. I raised my son alone. I was afraid every day about deportation. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid to talk about my situation. One day a close friend told me to call Carlos and see what he had to say.

What I liked about Carlos was the way he paid attention to details. He asked me about things I had trouble remembering. He asked for old papers. I liked how he explained why he needed to look at them.

Right before Christmas Day, immigration closed my case. Carlos told me they made a mistake and he would fight to get my case opened again. I was worried. But he was right. My interview was rescheduled. Carlos got me ready for the interview and he was there with me. I won. Thanks to Carlos. Now I have a green card and a new life.”

Guadalupe Cervantes, Murrieta, California


“When my husband and I were searching for an immigrant lawyer to apply for permanent residency status, we found Attorney Batara’s Law Offices online. Upon reading his website (aside from the good reviews and testimonials of his clients), I learned he had an office in Hemet close to where we live. We had so many question that he answered and cleared up for us.

So we decided hiring Attorney Batara to take care of the processing of my application. The way his office handled my application and the preparation and presentation of the documents were done very professionally for which I’m so pleased.

They filed my conditional residency status on June 2015, and by August 2015 I got my conditional residency card. I felt so relieved. We hired his office again for the renewal and for the lifting of my conditional status and now I’m holding my permanent residency card and we’re in the process of my citizenship application.

I’m so thankful for Attorney Batara and his wife Angie, that they go all the way to help and assist me in all my immigration matters. I highly recommend Attorney Batara’s Law Office for all your immigration needs.”

Marichu Ordonez, Hemet, California


“They know what they’re doing first of all. Just be transparent about your status. They will help you and will take care of your needs.”

Ruby De Padua, San Bernardino, California



“Carlos helped me win citizenship. After my husband and I separated, I didn’t know what to do. I filed to naturalize but it was denied. I gave up for a few years. I decided to try again. I went to see a lawyer but could not help me. He told me to call Carlos. We had a long meeting. He wanted to know so much about everything about my immigration situation. He laid out a plan and guided me all the way from my divorce to my citizenship. His son is also a lawyer and he helped me with the divorce. I worked with them for almost three years. I recommend Carlos and his son to relatives and friends and anyone who needs help with their immigration situation.”

Araya Arleemit, San Diego, California


“Carlos and all his team did a brilliant job on our I-601 waiver. We tried to do it with a law firm in Philadelphia but all 4 years we were just going in circles. They were lying to me about their I-601 waiver experience in order to get one more client. So we just wasted our time and money, some of which they gave back to us.

From our first conversation with Carlos I noticed that he knows much more than I would imagine, even though I spend last 4 years studying this process. His questions where unusual but they had very deep meaning and common sense. Also he finds out that I have much more grounds for our I-601 waiver and a lot of supporting circumstances that definitely helped us to win the case. Overall all the preparation, building the case and USCIS processing time took around 7 months until we get an approval notice.

I just want to say thank you so much from all of my family to the Carlos and all his warm and friendly team !!!”

Roman Selyuzhytskyy, Schuylkill Haven, Pennslyvania


“My husband and I went to see Carlos after he lost his green card case. We tried to do things the cheap way and save money. When we met with Carlos, he explained the mistakes that were made. He also gave us ways to fix things. We hired him because we wanted to do things right this time. It took over three years. Even when we wanted to quit, he was very patient. I am now a U.S. citizen and my husband is a lawful permanent resident. How cool is that?”

Naomi Llamas, Hemet, California



“I found Mr. Batara because a family friend recommended him to me. When I met him, I really liked the way he treated me. He gave me confidence. He said, “Yes your case is possible, even though it cannot be guaranteed.” And I really liked the service he and everyone in his office gave to me. Every time I called, they were attentive to what I wanted to ask. Now I recommend him to people who need help with their cases. Thank you, Mr. Batara.”

Marta Becerra, Moreno Valley, California


“From the first time I spoke with Mr. Batara, I knew I was in good hands. He listened very closely and explained what needed to be done to help me. At the time I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska and of course he is in California. He took the time to go all the way to Alaska in order to be with me on my court day. Honestly, who does that? We’ll, he does.

I was on the verge of deportation but now I can proudly say that I am a US Citizen. He changed my life completely. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. If anyone is in need of a great attorney, you have one in him. He is very professional, kind, understanding and will do whatever is necessary to give you the help needed. I highly recommend him, not only is he an outstanding attorney, he’s a great man and a wonderful human being.

That was years ago. I needed information not too long ago. I called him and he still took the time to help me. Amazing! I want to thank you Mr. Batara along with all who worked with you to help change my life. May God Bless you always.”

Irene Moncada, Prescott Valley, Arizona


“As a pastor and sometimes volunteer immigration advocate, I came to Mr. Batara’s office a couple years ago hoping for a little help navigating the complex world of immigration law. What I received was a lot more than a little legal advice! I’ve learned enough to appreciate why, in so many immigration cases, good help is important. I trust the Bataras’ expertise when it comes to difficult cases and have seen such heart in the work they do for their clients.”

Michael Falgout, Hemet, California



“My wife was detained by Border Patrol in 2011. I hired attorney Carlos Batara to assist in her release then the cancellation/removal case. He displayed professionalism, took his time and explained the options available. In court, he demonstrated his experience and knowledge, and she was awarded her permanent residency by the judge. Carlos also assisted in filing for her citizenship and today she is a naturalized citizen. I do not hesitate to recommend him highly to anyone, who needs advice/assistance with immigration issues!”

Ron Alkins, Hemet, California


“I had 2 options to be a U.S. citizen, one was using rather obscure law. This law firm was the only one I had managed to find that understood this part of the immigration law, most immigration lawyers have never come across it and say it doesn’t even exist. We went over the options and made the best choice. I wont tell you how I applied in the end but I’m now a U.S. citizen. I will use them again for other members of my family.”

Adrian Work, Tracey, California


“Carlos helped me through the permanent residence process which was complicated because of COVID and all the back-and-forth political changes going on when Trump was president. He made everything smooth. This was not the first time he helped my family. Mr. Batara is quality and delivers quality service. My daughter, her husband, and my family loves him and are so thankful how he patiently and carefully guided us until I finally won my green card.”

Estela Gonzalez, Riverside, California



“Before going to Carlos Batara’s office, I studied multiple reviews from the Riverside area to Hemet, to meet my four criteria: 1) Reasonable pricing; 2) Competency & documented success (according to individual reviews); 3) A personable individual who wasn’t notably arrogant, and 4) Experience! Batara Law Office was only one of two firms I could find in that entire area that met all four criteria.

Honestly, from pictures I found of the firm’s offices, it appeared to me this firm doesn’t waste their money on excessively lavish offices but has been in business around 30 years with proof of success. Mr. Batara, from my estimation, likes what he does and does it well. My partner and I met with him the very first time via telephone for our consultation and were immediately made to feel comfortable. Carlos took extra time to be thorough and explain the process as established by law, as well as what could happen in several common scenarios. Before each stage of the process, he would counsel us as to what to expect and how we should present and behave.

Because we were so well prepared by him, we opted to attend our hearing without counsel. It was a success! I have worked with many attorneys associated with my employment and rarely do you find an attorney who is so thoroughly invested in his/her client’s success. I would betray my conscience if I did not sing the praises of Carlos Batara. He did everything he said he could do, and more, for a very fair price. We have one more step in this long journey, and even though we have moved to a different state, I could not imagine working with any other attorney on immigration matters. Don’t waste your time and money going anywhere else!”

Mark Keene, Las Vegas, Nevada


“Mr. Carlos Batara did an amazing job, he took my BIA appeal.  He had only one week to summit all the required paperwork and deal with the mistakes committed by my previous attorneys.  Due to his expertise in BIA appeals he was able to win my case.  I wish I can give him more than ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thanks!!”

Gerardo Martinez, Pflugerville, Texas


“Mr. Batara and the staff made the process for my wife and I so easy and painless. This was my first time doing anything like this, and the staff explained everything to me in a way that made me feel like I was apart of a team. I felt very comfortable with the staff and Mr. Batara, I was always able to ask questions when I needed to, and they returned my calls within a reasonable time. Mr. Batara is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing immigration concerns.”

Charlie McGaughy, Beaumont, California


“I worked with Mr. Batara regarding my I-601 waiver in 2023. I cannot say enough good words about Mr. Batara. The whole process is like watching a magician going to work. In short, I would highly recommend Mr. Batara for immigration legal service.

Mr. Batara is the second lawyer I worked with regarding this matter. Needless to say, the first one did not get my problem resolved. As I searched for another lawyer in such a short notice, a few of Mr. Batara’s videos regarding I-601 waivers came to my attention. They demonstrate how Mr. Batara uses evidence that you think are irrelevant or less convincing to prove his argument. He is also excellent at analyzing the relationship of all parties involved in the case and making use of it. It is very different from the approach my first lawyer takes, which is an aggregation of evidence. I am extremely glad I pick at the phone.

Though I have not been to his office, I think Mr. Batara’s law firm is not one of those places where you get intimidated by the suits they wear or some manager saying you are in big trouble when himself is probably clueless. Mr. Batara is there during my first consultation call. After listening to my case and my story, he pointed out the weak spots and said he can make my case stronger. I decide to give him my trust. We work later on to gather all information he needs and send the package on time. A few months later, I get my I-601 waiver approved.

Immigration legal issue is complex and annoying. I myself have gone through it, feeling hopeless at various time points. I hope no one gets into it. But if you do need immigration legal service, please give yourself a chance by contacting Mr. Batara’s law office.”

Yuzhou Jiang, Redmond, Washington


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