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Are U.S. Citizen Husbands And Wives Of Immigrants The Key To Reform?

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American Citizen Spouse Immigrant Spouse Couple

According to Kim Anderson, former President of American Families United, “U.S. citizens are the most neglected constituency in the immigration debate.”

Hyperbole aside, Anderson raises a critically significant issue that is grossly undervalued by many pro-immigrant advocates.

Simply stated, U.S. citizen spouses are far too minimized in immigration reform discourse.

6 Immigration Predictions You Should Pay Attention To In 2018

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Editor’s Note: This article is the first of a series of guest blog posts written by immigration reform activists, community leaders, and immigrant families.

Our first guest is Chasity Alvarez, an administrator of Families Advocating Immigration Reform & Unity (FAIR Unity), one of the most active immigrant support groups on Facebook.

We hope you like the addition of guest posts to Immigration Law, Policy, And Politics, and encourage you to contact us if you would like to be featured here.

As 2018 begins, there are several issues which all immigrants and their families will need to face in the coming year.

Before jumping in, I would first like to address a point raised by President Trump last year.

How TPS Beneficiaries Can Win Permanent Residence – Even After TPS Is Terminated

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Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

Take the current situation facing Temporary Protected Status beneficiaries.

Over 300,000 individuals who have TPS status are at risk for deportation if the Trump Administration scraps the program in the near future.

Rumors abound such a decision will be abruptly made, with limited, if any, advance warning.

Such an ignominious ending would be no surprise.

Why Permanent Residents Should Become Naturalized Citizens

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Mixed Status Immigrant Families With Permanent Resident Parents

What’s the number one cause of the breakup of immigrant families when the immigrant parent is a permanent resident?

Aggravated felonies ?

Failure to naturalize?

When I’ve posed this question at public forums, critics attempt to undermine its importance by suggesting it asks the immigration equivalence of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Actually, it’s doesn’t.

Rather, their kneejerk response reflects a reckless indifference towards the failure of lawful permanent residents to take actions to ensure family unity.

Immigration LIVE, Episode 6: Marguerita Jane Dentino On The Impact Of Family Separation

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In Immigration LIVE, Episode 6, we spent time with Marguerita Jane Dentino, Executive Director of Casa Freehold, a leading non-profit organization in the ongoing social war to protect immigrant rights.  We asked her about how the possibility and the reality of family separation affects the children of immigrants.

From Civil War In El Salvador To American Community Leadership

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“You’re not like them.”

What successful ethnic minority person in the United States has not heard that sentiment?

Perhaps it was a statement over a glass of wine at a company Christmas party. At lunch with co-workers. Or at a school function for their children.

As a Riverside immigration attorney, I’ve even heard similar expressions inside judicial chambers and lawyer meetings.

It’s often expressed in the third person.

“But Julio is not like other Salvadorans.”

This perspective has two major flaws.