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Is Parole A Solution For U.S. Citizens With Immigrant Spouses?

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Is parole the answer for U.S. spouses of immigrants who entered the U.S. without permission?

Since changes to permanent residence law made by the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) in 1997, U.S. citizens have waited almost three decades for Congress to create a pathway to legalization for their husbands and wives.

To say the least, Congress has been disinterested in their plight.

Now, there’s talk that a new immigrant spouse program, based on parole, is under consideration by the Biden Administration.

8 Tips For Winning Your I-601 Waiver And Family Unity Hardship Case

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Want to know the big secret to winning I-601 waiver cases?

I learned it early in my career at a seminar for new attorneys. A judge, running the course, gave me a piece of advice that guides me to this day. It’s proven crucial in countless trials and appeals with immigration courts and agencies.

The advice, though simple, was profound.

Good lawyers, said the judge, prepare in advance. They know their evidence before their hearings start. They maximize their clients’ chances of success.

Two Green Card Options For Domestic Abuse Victims: VAWA vs U Visas

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Overcoming negative moments in life does not simply happen.

For many immigrants, nowhere is this more true than in overcoming abusive relationships with a person they both love and fear.

Many immigrant who are victims of domestic violence and physical abuse feel trapped in their relationships.

It requires taking actions to change and the courage to take those actions.

They worry that without their partner, no matter how badly they are mistreated and harmed, there is no path to permanent residence.

They’re wrong.

The Battle For Immigration Justice: Why Compassion Matters

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I wanted to retire.

I felt unmotivated to fight.

I knew my clients deserved better. They were facing deportation, a near life-or-death situation, and they needed a warrior.

My passion for law had disappeared.

My mother had passed away.

Fighting my own mental and emotional wounds, I had nothing left over to give to others.

The Attack On The 14th Amendment And The Myth Of Anchor Babies

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At a recent green card interview, the officer asked my client, “Why did you return home in 1985 and 1988?”

“To give birth to my two children,” she responded.

“I couldn’t afford the health care here.”

The officer gave me a confused, dazed look.

I couldn’t bite my lip.

“Sort of kills the anchor baby rhetorical nonsense, doesn’t it?”

A Tribute To My Father: An Immigrant Success Story

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He never went home.

He left his native county at the age of 20 to find work. Born in an impoverished area of a poor country, he left home to earn money which he could send back to his mother and eight siblings.

He ventured through, and stayed briefly at, a few countries, eventually reaching the United States.

For the next 25 years, he crisscrossed California, Arizona, and Utah, moving from crop to crop before settling in San Diego where he worked as a dishwasher at one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants.