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The Immigration Process Is Like A Puzzle . . .
We’ll Help You Put The Pieces Together To Win Your Case

Let’s cut to the chase.

You, your spouse, or your relative wants to become a permanent resident, win citizenship, or fight deportation.

But immigration law is complex . . . confusing . . . complicated

And too hard to handle on your own.

This is where our services come in.

We can help guide you to put the pieces together so you live and work in United States, sleep peacefully at night, and enjoy your family without fear of forced separation.

Services We Provide

At the Immigration Law Offices of Carlos Batara, our primary goals are to bring and keep immigrant families together.

We provide a wide range of assistance covering family unification measures, including visas, green cards, and citizenship issues.

Family-Based Petitions And Fiancé Visas


Family Visas – Many of our clients seek entry to the United States because they want to join a family member who lives here. In these types of cases, U.S. citizens or permanent residents who want to sponsor their immigrant spouse, child, parent, or sibling for lawful immigration status must file a petition on behalf of their relative.


Fiancé Visas – Some clients are engaged and want to sponsor their future husband or wife for a fiancé(e) visa, which allows the immigrant spouse to enter the U.S. legally, get married, and seek permanent resident status.

Permanent Residence, Green Cards, And Waivers


Green Cards and Permanent Residence – Winning a green card and  the right to live and work legally in the United States is the foremost goal of most immigrants who seek our assistance.


Family Unity Hardship Waivers – Some immigrants must return to their home country to obtain permanent resident status.  In many of these cases, most will need to apply for a an I-601 waiver to overcome long periods of living in the U.S. without permission.

Citizenship And Naturalization


Citizenship – Citizenship is the final frontier of immigration law.  Many green card holders do not stop at permanent residency.  They seek the full privileges of naturalization and to become U.S. citizens.

We’ll defend you whether you’re facing deportation right now or if you have already lost your immigration case.

Deportation Defense And Immigration Appeals


Deportation And Removal Defense – If you’re facing deportation at immigration court, it is not usually in your best interests to handle your case without legal counsel.  Over the past two decades, we’ve specialized in complex deportation cases, immigration trials, detention issues, bond hearings, and hardship claims.


Immigration Appeals – Even if you went to court on your own and lost, you might still be able to fight back. Don’t quit so easily. You may be eligible to file an appeal and have the decision reversed.

We offer legal assistance with a broad variety of specialized, humanitarian, and abuse protection immigration programs.

Special Humanitarian And Abuse Protection Programs


These services include:

Asylum – If you have been subjected to persecution, torture, or abuse in your home country, you have the right to seek a green card based on claims like asylum and the Convention Against Torture.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) – Immigrants from certain countries in turmoil can often qualify to live and work temporarily in the United States under TPS.  The turmoil is usually caused by a huge national disaster, a major civil war, or other severe conditions.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – Some immigrant spouses are physically and emotionally abused by their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouses.  If this is your situation, you may be able to seek green card status under VAWA.

In addition, our services include U and T visas for victims of crime or trafficking, diversity lottery visas, the Cuban Adjustment Act, as well as a variety of other special immigration programs.

“I had a scholarship to attend college but I could not use it. My husband and I felt like giving up. We were placed in proceedings at Immigration Court. The government wanted to deport us. We felt hopeless. We hired Carlos Batara. He used a law from almost 70 years ago to prove the government could not use certain rules against us. Not even the Judge knew about this law. We won. I think even the Judge was shocked.”

Martha Vega, Riverside, California

Do You Have A Tough Case?

Some immigrants do not reach out to an attorney because they believe their case is too hard to win.

Maybe it is.

But without a personalized in-depth review of your history, how can you know for sure?

We’re here to help you figure out what roads lead to your success.

We have helped immigrant families from over 80 different countries overcome difficult situations – and to earn the right to live and work legally in the United States without restriction.

For over 20 years, we have tackled difficult cases for immigrants on the verge of legal exile from their family and friends – and supported them in their battles to build stability for their spouses and children.

Immigrants come to our offices for one reason and one reason only.

To fix their problems.

We’re here to help you and your family fix yours.

We’re here to help you and your family live the American Dream – to buy a house, build a career, and give your children the opportunity to become accountants, doctors, or lawyers.

Immigration Problems We Solve

Here is a brief sample of the assistance we provide for our clients and their families.

We Help Wipe Out Your Visa, Green Card, And Permanent Residence Issues

  • “My husband went to apply for a green card but he was told to show how much hardship I will have if he is deported.”
  • I have lived here 10 years. Can I get a green card under the new Obama amnesty program?”
  • “The government told me and my husband that we did not prove our marriage is legal. They told us to file more papers in 30 days.”

We Help Take Care Of Your Citizenship And Naturalization Concerns

  • “I wasn’t born in the U.S. but my grandmother was a U.S. citizen.”
  • “I went to my naturalization interview. I was denied. They said I gave them false information.”

We Help Get Rid Of Your Family Separation Worries

  • “My U.S. citizen husband did not file immigration papers for me before he died.”
  • “A notario said that I should win my green card easy but I’m still worried about my old convictions.”
  • “My fiancé entered with a visa many years ago but never left. Can he get a green card?”

We Help Eliminate Your Deportation And Removal Fears

  • “We have two young kids and my husband was never in trouble before he was arrested for drunk driving. Is there anything we can do?”
  • “The immigration judge refused to let my wife out on jail on bond.”
  • “My father was picked up by ICE and he doesn’t have any papers.”

AND MORE . . .

Even if you feel trapped and can’t sleep peacefully at night, don’t give up hope. We’re here to work closely with you and your family to put together the pieces for your success.

A Proud Commitment To Bringing Immigrant Families Together And Keeping Them From Being Separated

Helping immigrants, plain and simple, is our business.

Preserving the family unity of immigrants – and preventing immigrants and their family members from being separated – is our first and foremost goal.

We understand the need for national security. But we do not believe the rights of honest, hard-working immigrants and their families should be trampled on by the government.

Ensuring fairness for our clients is one of our highest principles.

Immigration law has emerged as the civil rights of the 21st century. As the global economy has brought countries closer together, our ability to understand people from different cultures, different religions, and different ways of life is more important than ever. Our task, as a nation, is to balance the development of national security concerns with legal and political policies respecting the inalienable rights of every immigrant – every human being – to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Carlos Batara

Southern California Immigration Services 

We would be proud to represent you and your family . . . as we are proud to help all immigrants wherever they live, wherever they were born.

We have five immigration law office locations in Southern California to serve you.

Along with our online internet-based virtual office, with law offices located in San Diego, Escondido, San Bernardino, Hemet, and Riverside, immigration lawyer Carlos Batara is nearby, ready to help you, wherever you live in Southern California.

A Nationwide Immigration Practice

Our immigration lawyer services are not limited to Southern California. We have grown from our original San Diego and Riverside immigration attorney office locations into a nationwide practice.

Our clients are worldwide.

As a deportation trial attorney and a deportation immigration appeals attorney, Carlos Batara has helped clients living across California, around the United States, and abroad.

He has successfully assisted immigrants in the following states:

  • Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida
  • Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan
  • Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York
  • North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island
  • Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Batara.

You were so helpful when my husband and I needed you. It is impossible to say how grateful we are. We’re still amazed you took our case way over in Alaska and traveled here to assist me in immigration court.

We did not plan to hire anyone from California. But as you know, no one here would take our case. We were told there might be one way to win, but the law was still too new and iffy. We feel fortunate one attorney told us that you might know how to handle this type of case. I don’t think he believed you would go back and forth to help us. We didn’t either. But you did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Jesus McKelvey, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Immigration Deportation Defense
And Immigration Appeal Process

Immigration deportation defense has two different components. The first part takes place at a trial in Immigration Court. The second part, sometimes necessary, takes place at the Board of Immigration Appeals.

If you are facing deportation or removal from the United States, whether you live in another state, or you live near one of our immigration law offices, such as in Riverside, deportation attorney Carlos Batara will defend you at trial in Immigration Court. If you have already lost your trial, he will help you fight back at the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Immigration Court And Appeals Flow Chart


When You Need An Immigration Lawyer,
Do Not Delay

Once you realize you need immigration help, you should act quickly.

Your delay could cause you to lose your case.

“Our experience with Attorney Batara was excellent! He’s full of knowledge and he won’t take any case just to make money. He’s very selective and works hard to win. If he thinks that he cannot put up a good fight, he tells clients straight up.

After meeting with over 10 attorneys all over Southern California, he was the only one willing to take and fight our difficult case. It was not an easy situation. All the other attorneys we saw repeatedly mentioned that I was going to be penalized with a 10 year bar and that there was no way around it. They all suggested not to do anything. They said just “wait until the law changes.”

My husband and I didn’t want that. We wanted to start our family and live like a normal couple. We were not sure the law would ever change. We finally came across the Law Offices of Mr. Batara and he was the light at the end of our tunnel. He saw a way to win my case. He agreed to help us.

The law has not changed – but we won anyway. I strongly recommend Mr. Batara to anyone who needs immigration help. During the case, he kept telling me, “Don’t panic, Hispanic.” He meant it. If he takes your case, you can be sure he will do his best to help you.”

Maria Fernandez, Riverside, California

For your benefit, your options should be evaluated by an immigration expert as soon as possible.

In many cases, the earlier we can begin to work with you, the greater your chances for success.

Whether you’re trying to achieve legal residency, defend against removal and deportation, or obtain U.S. citizenship, you need to find the right immigration attorney for you and your family’s needs.

Carlos Batara is that kind of attorney.

Carlos will leave no stone unturned in representing you and your family. Your case will always get the utmost care. All avenues of success, including your possible qualification for little known immigration green card programs will be weighed.

About Our Planning And Strategy Sessions

We provide planning and strategy sessions in person, by telephone, email, or online.

During this interview, we will advise you about available options based on your current situation. We will review your immigration history, point out problems you may have to fix, and evaluate various paths to meet your immigration needs.

If you’re ready to put the pieces together to win your case, schedule your personalized strategy and planning session today.