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How To Avoid Losing Your Case . . .
Before It Really Starts

As an immigration attorney, I’ve met far too many immigrants who lost their cases before they ever came to my office.

In some cases, they wanted help. But they were misguided or ripped off by immigration consultants, notarios, or attorneys. 

Other times, they were too afraid to get started. They did not hire an immigration lawyer because they did not what questions to ask or what qualities to look for.

These outcomes both sadden and anger me. So to help out, I’ve written a few special, easy-to-read “how to” guides written for immigrants and their families.

Before you talk to an government officer or judge, sign any forms, or hire an attorney for your immigration case – download our free books.

How To Recognize And Avoid Immigration Fraud (Before You Become A Victim)

Riverside Immigration Attorney Free Book

Submitted by Carlos Batara

It sucks the life blood out of hundreds of deserving immigrants every year.

The name of the disease?

Immigration Fraud.

The exact number of victims are unknown.  Most defrauded immigrants are too afraid to call law enforcement officers for help.

And the crooks know immigrants are scared.

So, to fight back, immigrants need to become smarter and wiser about how these con artists operate.

In this short report, I share the patterns of immigration fraud which occur the most often.  By learning these schemes, you can help yourself, your family, and your friends from becoming victims of immigration fraud in the future.

By sharing these tactics with those you love, you improve your family’s chances to earn a green card and permanent residence.

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