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The Morality Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform At A Public Crossroads

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Being a San Bernardino immigration lawyer, I was recently asked by a local church to participate at a public forum on immigration issues.

“Are we as Christians,” asked the moderator, “called upon to love our less fortunate brothers and sisters?”

“Are we as Christians called upon to love those sitting next to us, even if they are here as undocumented immigrants?”

I liked his direct approach.

Immigration reform is not just a political and social issue.  It’s about morality.

Immigration Reform Madness: 21 States Join The Arizona Bandwagon

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I don’t get it.

As an immigration lawyer in Hemet, where we just went though an excruciating debate over supporting Arizona SB 1070, I wonder why other states want to create potentially explosive social divisions among its citizens.

After expressing my views on the City Council’s actions as an immigration lawyer, Corona, Lake Elsinore, and Perris residents, many against my position, rose up to let their opinions heard.  The public display of something far less than good manners wasn’t very nice to watch.

Reaction created counter-reaction, instigating counter-counter reaction, in a never-ending cycle of insults continuing today.

The Battle To Correct False Labels About Immigrants

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As an immigration attorney, I know the barriers immigrants face to obtain a fair trial in immigration court.

They’re huge.

However, they’re small compared to the obstacles they face to get a fair trial in the arena of public opinion.

What advocate for those from other countries has not heard the deliberate misuse of labels about immigrants?