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Liberation Politics And The Future Of Immigration Reform

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A few months ago, Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez announced the “Change Takes Courage” campaign.  The initiative challenged the president to exert leadership on immigration reform.

Sadly, courage and leadership are not traits found in most politicians.  Their modus operandi is reactive in nature.  If they feel a threat to their reelection, they start to adjust in accordance with the public winds of the day.

As a result, since far too many representatives lack the internal fortitude to push for change on their own, the public must externally provide the impetus for them to exercise such courage.

Good Immigrants, Bad Immigrants: The Two Faces Of Immigration

– Posted in: Immigration Law, Policy & Politics | Reflections And Ruminations


My son was beaten and stabbed a few nights ago.

By a group of young immigrants.

I’ve spent my career defending immigrants. My commitment faces constant criticism.

Far too often, my immigrant journey has been forced to acknowledge news stories about immigrants who perform bad acts. Even friends and colleagues question my values when such events are reported.

I’ve always understood their concerns.