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How To Understand The I-130 Immigrant Relative Petition



It’s one of the most common immigration questions I get asked.

Who can I petition to become a legal resident?

This easy-to-use I-130 family petitions graph answers that question.

What Is The I-130 Petition?

The I-130 is officially known as the Petition For Alien Relative. The I-130 is a 12-page application that is used to prove that a valid family relationship between you and an immigrant relative exists.

Filing the Form I-130 is the first step in the family green card process.

Tips On Terminology

Here is a tip on I-130 terminology.

  • Petitioner – You are considered the petitioner if you are sponsoring someone for a green card.

Some petitioners are U. S. citizens. Others are lawful permanent residents.

  • Beneficiary – The immigrant relative whom you are sponsoring is deemed the beneficiary.

For more information about the step-by-step process to prepare and get your I-130 petition approved, see: How To Win I-130 Immigrant Petitions And Family Visas

By Carlos Batara

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