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When Your Future Is At Stake
Why Take Risks?

If you’re living without a green card in Corona – your future is at stake.

You stand to lose many things precious to you.

You are at risk.

Fighting For Immigrant Family Unity

Without a green card, you risk being deported.

You risk being separated from your wife, children, and family. You risk being torn apart from your friends, community, and job.

You risk being removed from the country you now call home. And you risk being forced back to a place where you are now a stranger.

Sometimes, even having a green card is not enough.

This means even if you’re a permanent resident, but not a U.S. citizen, you can still be deported.

In both situations, your future is at stake.

Why take such chances with your future? You can take steps today to become a permanent resident or U.S. citizen – or to keep your green card – and prevent such problems tomorrow.

Now is the time to reduce your risks. Now is the time to protect your future.

Now is the time to find the right immigration lawyer to help protect you and your family.

“I worked with Mr. Batara long distance. I live in Los Angeles. There are many lawyers here but I felt like he was the right attorney for my case. It took a lot of courage to trust him with my case. I could tell his sincerity talking to him over the telephone. I don’t think any other attorney could have done it this way. He has proven to be a great attorney, after working for me and my husband a couple of years by email and phone. No matter what, when I finally went to his office, it was worth the two hour drive to meet him and his staff. They put in a lot of hard work and dedication. They are great to work with.”

Lorena Santana, Los Angeles, California

Corona Immigration Attorney Services

As part of our Riverside immigration lawyer services, the Corona immigration attorney law offices of Carlos Batara offer a full range of immigration services.

Our practice areas include:

Corona deportation attorney services include immigration court hearings, immigration trials, bond hearings, and motions to reopen.

As an immigration appeals Attorney in Corona, Carlos Batara handles BIA appeals, AAO appeals, AAU appeals, Ninth Circuit appeals,  and Federal Court appeals

Visas, green cards, and citizenship services – Our Corona family unity services include assisting clients in Corona seeking citizenship, family visas, and permanent residence, green cards, fiancé and fiancée visas, and naturalization.

Special green card programs for Corona include a wide range of programs: asylum, VAWA, TPS, U and T visas, registry, diversity lottery, NACARA, and in the future, DREAM Act petitions.

Our immigration services also include employment-based visas like H-1B visas, H-2A visas, H-2B visas, H-3 visas, L-1 visas, and TN visas

Over the past 20+ years, Corona Immigration Lawyer Carlos Batara has specialized in helping Riverside and Corona immigration clients with Deportation and Removal Defense, Immigration Trials, Immigration Appeals, and HARD Cases.

“It seems like my wife and I had a consultation with every immigration attorney from Beverly Hills to the Inland Empire. No one would take on our case, except for a few who did not seem genuine. We didn’t feel good about them.

One day we took the drive out to Hemet to visit Carlos. He gave us hope, we felt he was honest. Our case took several years. But he made it happen. My wife and I will never again live in fear of being separated. I highly recommend Carlos to anyone. Plus, he’s very flexible on his payment terms. Last but not least his staff is amazing. They were always there to answer our million phone calls and to keep us informed.”

Pat South, Corona, California

Before you hire anyone, you should find out the ins and outs about immigration fraud.

At our Corona immigration attorney law firm, clients have shared horror stories about wrong immigration advice – advice given by notarios, immigration consultants, immigration attorneys in Corona and nearby cities throughout Riverside County.

When your future is at stake, you don’t want to take risks.