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Immigration Curation

You might be wondering, “What is immigration curation?”

Immigration Curation is a collection of top news stories and online articles, blog posts, studies, and videos which have recently been published on the topics of immigration law, politics, and policy.

So why curation?

After all, if you’re looking for information about immigration, it’s not hard to find.

Finding the most current and relevant news, however, is not quite that simple.

And when it comes to separating fact from fiction on immigration, especially on news articles related to immigration reform, locating sources you can trust is no easy matter.

In fact, without a guide, a curator, trying to forecast the future of immigration in the U.S. is like a political crystal ball of confusion.

With curation, you’re able to sort through the vast amount of information on the internet – without the fluff and noise – thanks to the work of a curator who finds the top stories for you to read day after day.

We have divided immigration news into 6 distinct topics for your easy review.
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News For, About, And By Immigrants

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Asylum, Refugees, And Global Integration News Curation
Some immigrants come from the poorest regions of the world. Others are leaving behind political chaos, social persecution, religious discrimination, or natural disasters. For these individuals, providing humanitarian relief is the right thing to do. Yet, even these programs come under political and social attack. Learn more here.

Citizenship And Naturalization News Curation
Citizenship is the final frontier of immigration law.  The Statute of Liberty, with its promises of a nation which welcomes individuals from all corners of the globe, has long symbolized the American promise of naturalization.  The path is not always straight-forward.  Various obstacles can and do arise.

Immigration Court Defense And Appeals News Curation
Immigration rules can change overnight, without warning.  A decision on a small point of law in a case 1,000 miles away from where you live, made yesterday, can change the outcome of your case today.  It’s difficult to keep up.  But you’re in good hands.  Our analysis will keep you informed about breaking news as it happens.

Family Unity For Immigrants News Curation
The bedrock principle of immigration law, family unity is on its deathbed. Efforts to bring and keep immigrant families are portrayed as illicit chain migration.  The intent of such spiteful rhetoric is to prevent individuals born in certain countries from joining the American family.  Keep abreast of this topic here.

Green Cards And Permanent Residency News Curation
Perhaps the most commonly recognized symbol of immigration law, green cards are not really green. There are several programs to win a green card. These news stories share the various aspects of the quest to become permanent residents by immigrants.

Immigration Reform And Politics News Curation
Immigration reform and immigration politics.  Despite all the media attention paid to these topics, the two are incompatible.  Immigration reform depends on calm, rational decision-making.  Immigration politics, on the other hand, is like spilled oil waiting for a match. This notebook shares insights on these topics.

Immigration News Curation By Carlos Batara