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Your Immigration Flash Briefing Insights And Inspiration



What Is An Immigration Flash Briefing?

You’re probably wondering what is a flash briefing?

A flash briefing is a new form of communication. It’s short, usually 1 – 5 minutes. Three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It’s a new way to share important, relevant advice and tips for immigrants – their family members – and immigration advocates.

Our immigration flash briefings provide:

  • TIPS about legal rules and concepts
  • INSIGHTS about recent news that you’ve heard about on the radio or television
  • INSPIRATIONAL TIDBITS to help you keep your chin up, even when the road to success seems to be a never-ending road

Want Access To Our Previous Daily Immigration Tips?

The Immigration Mastermind is a podcast for immigrants and their families that shares tips, insights, and tidbits to help guide the quest for permanent residence and citizenship in the United States. The podcast strives to build knowledge, while dispelling myths in short bite-sized, easy-to-understand snippets of pull-no-punches information.

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