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The K-1 Visa Process: 7 Red Flags That Can Wreck Your Fiancé Visa Case

In this video, Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara discusses seven issues that are red flags for USCIS agents reviewing fiancé visa petitions. They carry potential to sabotage efforts to win a K-1 visa for fiancés, even if  the couple’s relationship is legitimate and bona fide.

Because K-1 visas are vulnerable to manipulation, government officers are on the high alert for potential fraud. Extra care and diligence must be taken to ensure immigrants do not run into such legal nightmares.

For even when a U.S. citizen and their spouse-to-be surmount USCIS suspicions, much time is lost and unnecessary costs have been incurred – delaying, sometimes for several months and years, the day when immigrants living abroad are finally allowed to enter and live in the United States.

  • 1. 00:40  Why Fiancé Visa Cases Are Reviewed For Fraud
  • 2. 01:50  7 Red Flags Of Fiancé Visa Petitions
  • 3. 02:39  Relationship And Engagement Details
  • 4. 03:34  Past Immigration History
  • 5. 04:38  Cutural Differences And Commonalities
  • 6. 05:42  Past Marriage History Insufficient
  • 7. 06:31  Insufficient Supporting Evidence
  • 8. 07:25  Knowledge Of Family And Friends
  • 9. 09:10  After Marriage Plans

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