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Four Immigration Advocates Share Their Predictions For 2020

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Will 2020 be a repeat of the past year for immigrants and their families?

No immigrant rights advocate wants a repeat of 2019.

The invisible wall of exclusion continued to be politically and legally erected by the Legion Of Xenophobia piece by piece.

As a former political activist, I decided to query a few leading immigrant rights proponents about their thoughts about the coming year.

Detentions. Family separations. Deportations.

But as the Age of Trump enters its fourth year, what does 2020 hold?

More of the same?

Or is there some glimmer of positive, pro-immigrant change around the corner?

I asked four of the most honestly outspoken Facebook grassroot immigration advocates their opinions.

Here’s what they said.

  • Joel Smith, Director of Operations, Human Borders
  • David Beem, Member, Families Advocating Immigration Reform Unity

The Four Questions:

1. In your view, what is the number #1 immigration topic for 2020?

2. Who do you think will be the Democratic Party nominee for president?

3. Will be there a Democratic Party platform on immigration?

4. Will Trump survive impeachment?

What Is The Number #1 Immigration Issue That Should Be Addressed In 2020?

Joel Smith

I don’t think that there is just one issue in the migrant community that I could single out. I strive to prevent deaths in the desert. That doesn’t mean that the separation of families at the Border, the jailing of kids and deaths in Federal custody aren’t concerns of mine as well.

I think that quite a few Federal employees need to be brought up on criminal charges in the name of humanity.

Ellin Jimmerson

The #1 immigration topic among Democrats thus will continue to be that the way out of all immigration horrors will be replacing Trump with a Democrat in 2021. The narrative that somehow previous presidents (the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama) were kinder, gentler presidents on immigration is a narrative that is completely at odds with facts.

All of this means that real issues, e.g. the policy of “prevention through deterrence”, migrant deaths, the separation of families via deportation, will not be addressed in any meaningful way.

David Beem

If Trump remains in office, whether immigration as we know if continues to be in effect – I would try to address the myths that CIS and FAIR have built up around the issue

Marguerita Jane Dentino

#Families Belong Together.  Our country has a long bad history of tearing families apart from slavery times onward. We must cherish every family and give each one love and support.

Who Will Be The Democratic Party Nominee For President? 

Joel Smith

I would like to see Bernie Sanders get the nomination myself. I think that he’s America’s best hope at the moment.

The devil in the details is that for Bernie to be effective, he needs a House and a Senate that he can work with. With a hostile House or Senate, he won’t accomplish much.

Ellin Jimmerson

Unless Democrats put real pressure on the DNC, the ticket will be Warren/Buttigieg which will satisfy identity voters but which will be no match for the incumbent Trump who will have survived the impeachment process and will use that to his advantage

David Beem

I would hope it would be Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders.

Marguerita Jane Dentino

Elizabeth Warren.  I think she is the most able to manipulate the mess our country is in nationally and globally.


What Will Be The Democratic Party Platform On Immigration? 

Joel Smith

I have no idea if the DNC will include any planks regarding immigration. The Corporatists in charge of the Party as of this moment seem to be pretty white bread and not wanting to offend their racist conservative friends.

Ellin Jimmerson

The Democrats will have a platform on immigration. It will emphasize Trump as the devil incarnate. In terms of policy, it will emphasize citizenship as a cure-all despite the fact that citizenship is nowhere near the most pressing issue. The platform will call for more border militarization and replacing the H2A program with a program that ties agricultural workers to the industry rather than the employer.

David Beem

I’ve begun to feel that Democrats don’t want to address immigration just like the Republicans.

Marguerita Jane Dentino

A. #Families Belong Together. Concrete steps they will take to make sure this happens. No more separation of families. A good system for knowing whereabouts of children who have crossed the border. Reunite families who have been separated.

B. Our country will obey international law regarding asylum and refugees accepting those in need of this assistance and allowing them to go through a safe transparent legal process inside this country.

C. An immigration legal process, including judges qualified in immigration law.

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Will Trump Survive Impeachment? Wll He Win Re-election?

Joel Smith

I think that Trump will survive the impeachment attempt. It came far too late into his term and I believe that his term will expire before the proceedings move forward. You can’t impeach someone who was voted out of Office.

Trump will be nominated by the GOP again. I don’t see a single Republican with the cojones to take him down.

Ellin Jimmerson

Donald Trump will survive impeachment. No question about that.

David Beem

The Senate won’t remove him – It is up to us in the voting booths. At this point it appears that both Democrats and Republicans want him to have a second term. I certainly hope he doesn’t.

Marguerita Jane Dentino

It is my hope that Trump will not survive impeachment and that he will be imprisoned for his many crimes along with others in his administration, family and associates. If he survives impeachment, he could be re-elected. We must prepare ourselves for this too as our country is very divided. We must resist, fight and heal taking into account our long history and not just the political figure of that moment in time.


Five separate opinions, similar in some respects yet different in others.

Whom do you agree with the most?

We’ll find out relatively soon.

By Carlos Batara, Immigration Law, Policy, And Politics