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A Call To Arms: Grassroots Immigration Curators

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Real immigration reform requires an all hands on deck approach.

With this post, I attempt to kick-start that idea into action.

Far too often, I’ve read some of the best insights, perspectives, and, yes, even solutions, written by concerned individuals on Facebook and other social platforms.

And watched their work go untapped and ignored by mainstream media, political, and immigration leaders.

Well, it’s move over time.

As an San Bernardino immigration attorney, I learned long ago immigration law can be changed from the bottom up.

Immigration politics is no different.

So starting here, I’d like to introduce some of the most compassionate and thoughtful “real” grassroots folks who care deeply about immigration.

A few weeks ago, I introduced the topic of immigration news curation.

Today, I’d like you to meet the Grassroots Immigrant Curators.

They have a lot to share. If we listen carefully, they’ll help us pave the path for enlightened immigration reform.

I’ve rambled enough.

Now, it’s time to hear from a few of the nation’s best grassroots curators, Bob Drews, Chasity Brewster Alvarez, Deborah Sherman de Santos, and Joel Smith.

War Zone At The Border: Not In Our Name!

Bob Drews, Unjust Legal Immigration Laws And The Rights Of All People
October 26, 2013

Throughout this period of “reform fever”, we have been hearing this argument: militarization is a necessary compromise if we are to pass immigration reform. This right-wing myth has found its most fervent advocates among reform promoters who fashion themselves as champions of immigrant communities: so-called “immigrant rights’ NGO’s and democratic party politicians, who have become the main cheerleaders of the war machine. But there is no such thing as harmless militarization; there is no justification for the genocide at the border, for violating the sovereignty of indigenous nations; for terrorizing immigrants and border communities. And now we see that promoters of immigration reform have pushed the debate so far to the right, that cheering for genocide is the new “progressive” common-sense. Once reformists embraced militarization, the only unanswered questions are: how many billions, how many troops, how many lives.

Court Rules Feds Aren’t Liable For Problems Caused By Border Fence

Chasity Brewster Alvarez, Fair Unity
October 24, 2013

This is hypocritical on every level, but most of it’s scary. Our countries largest LE base has NO accountability! They can do anything and everything they want to do, and there isn’t a thing anyone will do about it. Anastatio Hernandez Rojas, the American Citizen who lost her unborn child at the hands of USCBP, the list goes on and tragically on. We have a threat in and on this country and it’s not Jose or Juan looking to feed their families. It’s the American citizens who not only allow this stuff to happen, who turn a blind eye, but who also cheer for it!

Golash-Boza: Obama’s Deportation Record Is One Of Discrimination

Deborah Sherman de Santos, Starving For Justice Human Rights For Immigrants In The USA, October 25, 2013

So how many of you have a loved one targeted by ICE who is white? I know of one activist besides myself. Anyone else? Even up here in Northern New England where the majority of immigrants are Canadians – and very white – the vast majority of immigrants picked up, detained and deported are either black, Hispanic or Middle Eastern – even in Vermont and New Hampshire that is the case. When I’d go visit Audrius in detention there were days when the guards and I were the only white folks to be seen . . . You gotta work hard to manage that up here.

Preserving The Arizona We Love Requires Standing Up For Immigration Reform

Joel Smith, Deportation Destroys Lives
October 25, 2013

One day, in spite of dark-hearted efforts to block immigration reform, it will enter American life and the suffering will end. The forces standing in the doorway like a scowling Alabama governor are on the losing side of history.

Years from now we will look back on this era and shake our heads over the few who pushed against the moral tide of justice and made Arizona a national joke, a punching bag wearing a “But, it’s a dry hate” lapel button.

That caricature was never the Arizona I know and love. The Arizona I love is standing up for justice.

In short, when Arizona’s political antics reach an end, a new immigration beginning will be just around the corner.

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