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Looking For An Immigration Lawyer?

Finding an immigration attorney is easy.

Finding the right immigration attorney – for your green card, citizenship, or deportation defense needs – is harder.

Everywhere you look in Lake Elsinore, there are ads for lawyers.  The yellow pages.  Community newspapers.  Freeway billboards.  The internet.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the many choices.

So how can you identify the right immigration attorney for your personal needs and goals?

Well, to begin, selecting the right immigration lawyer is not just about prices or office location.  It’s not just experience.  It’s not just expertise.

It’s about choosing an immigration attorney who has certain characteristics.

A dedication to serving immigrants.

An appreciation for the struggles many immigrants go through – and a desire to keep immigrant families united.

A willingness to challenge unfair immigration laws – and keeping clients from being mistreated.

It’s about selecting the right Lake Elsinore immigration attorney for you and your family.

Your One-Stop Immigration Attorney Solution

The Law Offices of Immigration Lawyer Carlos Batara provide a one-stop solution for your immigration needs.

Our services are divided into five practice areas.

For example, are you:

  • Helping a family member or future spouse become a lawful permanent resident?
  • Fighting deportation charges in Immigration Court?
  • Challenging a Judge’s decision to remove you from the United States?
  • Seeking a green card through a program you just learned about, like NACARA or VAWA?
  • Trying to earn permanent residence status based on your employment relationship?

Lake Elsinore Immigration Law Services

As part of our Riverside immigration lawyer services for the entire county, our Lake Elsinore immigration practice areas include:

Deportation And Removal Defense – With almost two decades of experience, our Lake Elsinore Deportation and Removal Defense services include representation of you and your family at Immigration Court Hearings and Trials.

If you need help with an Immigration Appeal, we handle BIA Appeals, AAO Appeals, AAU Appeals, Ninth Circuit Appeals, Federal Court Appeals.

Our Lake Elsinore Immigration Family Unity services include cases involving Permanent Residence, Naturalization, Fiancé and Fiancée Visas, and Family Visas.

We can assist you with any type of Special Immigration program, such as asylum, NACARA, VAWA, U Visas, T Visas, Registry, Diversity Lottery, and perhaps soon, DREAM Act Applications.

Our Employment-Based Visa services include H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, H-3 visas, L-1, and TN visas.

Lake Elsinore: A Thriving Immigrant Community

According to recent estimates, there are 50, 267 individuals residing in Lake Elsinore.

Approximately, the current ethnic makeup of the city is:

  • 65.61% White
  • 5.19% African American
  • 1.29% Native American
  • 2.35% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 20.33% from other races

Studies also show that Hispanics and Latinos constitute 38.05% of the total population.

With such vibrant diversity, it is anticipated the green card, family-based petitions, and citizenship needs of Lake Elsinore residents will increase in future years.

A Short Note: Beware Immigration Fraud

Before you decide to hire anyone to help you with your immigration problems, we encourage you to download your FREE REPORT on how to spot and prevent immigration con artists from ripping you off.

Whenever new immigration programs are announced by the government, a lot of scammers set up fake offices to take advantage of unsuspecting families.

You can avoid becoming their next victim. Learn their common schemes. That’s why you should take a minute to download our short report.