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Citizenship And Naturalization Questions And Answers Index

By Carlos A. Batara

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Can I Claim U.S. Citizenship Through My Grandmother?

“I am presently living in Riverside County without legal papers. A friend told me that I am really a U.S. citizen because my father’s mother was a U.S. citizen. Is this true?”

My Wife And I Have Separated. Can I Still Qualify For Naturalized Citizenship?

“I have been married for eight years. I was granted a green card and became a permanent resident through my wife. She is a U.S. citizen, born in Phoenix, Arizona. We are now separated and have lived apart for several months. I moved to California and she lives with our children in Seattle, Washington. Despite our separation, can I still file for citizenship?”

My Uncle Wants To Become A Citizen. But Now His Wife Claims She Was Not Legally Divorced. What Can He Do?

“My uncle wants to apply for citizenship but found out his wife lied to him. They were married over nine years ago. Then she filed papers for him to become a permanent resident. Because of all the bad immigration news, my uncle has finally decided to become a U.S. citizen. His wife left him two months ago and went back to her first husband. Now, she says they were never divorced. What should my uncle do?


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