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Video: When Do Immigrants Need To Hire A Lawyer?

In this video, Carlos Batara discusses when and why immigrants should consider hiring an immigration lawyer.

Most clients want to know, deep inside, “Do I really need an immigration lawyer?”

The answer?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

It depends on a few key issues. How difficult is your case? Do you understand immigration law good enough to defend yourself?

You don’t have to hire an attorney.

The law is supposed to be based on common sense, reason, and fairness.

If you can understand the little quirks of law, and you can properly organize your evidence, you could present your own case.

Of course, law, especially immigration law, is not that tidy.

So on the other hand . . .

Sometimes hiring an attorney is necessary.

Immigration law is not simple.  Even for college graduates, it is often impossible to accurately grasp what immigration rules mean.

So when do you ned an immigration lawyer?

That’s not easy to answer.

This video attempts to help you answer this question and decide if it is in your best interests to hire an immigration lawyer.

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