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Riverside Immigration Lawyer

by Carlos Batara


If You Feel Like The Immigration Process Is Like A Puzzle . . .
We’ll Help You Put The Pieces Together To Achieve Your Goals

Let’s cut to the chase.

Immigration law is confusing. And complicated. And usually, too HARD to handle on your own.

It does not matter where you live. It does not matter where you were born.

For many immigrants who simply want to live, work, marry, visit, or study in the United States, immigration law is a roadblock of bewildering rules and procedures

That’s where our services come in. We can help you and your family put the pieces together to achieve immigration success.

A Proud Commitment To Defending
The Family Unity Rights Of Immigrants

Over the past 20 years, we have assisted more than 1,500 immigrant families from over 80 different countries.

Our immigration services have grown from our San Diego and Riverside immigration attorney offices into a nationwide practice. Our clients are worldwide.

Many clients seek our assistance to enter the United States. Others, who already live here, hire our immigration law office to win green cards or U.S. citizenship through a family member. Some need us to help fight for them against deportation and removal charges.

The immigration law offices of Carlos Batara are not strangers to complicated matters. As a result, even if your situation is difficult, we are here to assist you.

And we would be proud to represent you and your family . . . as we are proud to help all immigrants wherever they live, wherever they were born.

blockquote_start Immigration law is quickly emerging as the civil rights of the 21st century. As the global economy brings countries closer together, our ability to understand people from different cultures, different religions, and different ways of life is more important than ever. Our task, as a nation, is to balance the development of national security concerns with legal and political policies respecting the inalienable rights of every immigrant – every human being – to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Carlos Batara



Southern California Immigration Lawyer Services
For You And Your Family

We have five immigration law office locations in Southern California to serve you. Along with our online internet-based virtual office, with law offices located in San Diego, Escondido, San Bernardino, Hemet, and Riverside, immigration lawyer Carlos Batara is nearby, ready to help you, wherever you live in Southern California.

From all of our locations, including our newest office in Riverside, immigration attorney Carlos Batara regularly assists immigrants and their family members living in the following communities:

page_footer_bg San Diego County page_footer_bg Riverside County
page_footer_bg Imperial County page_footer_bg San Bernardino County
page_footer_bg Orange County page_footer_bg Los Angeles County
page_footer_bg Santa Barbara County page_footer_bg Ventura County

Whether you work with our law firm in San Diego, Escondido, San Bernardino, Hemet, or Riverside, immigration lawyer Carlos Batara offers you a full range of immigration services, including:

Deportation and Removal Defense • Immigration Court Hearings • Immigration Appeals • Green Cards • Lawful Permanent Residence • Citizenship • Naturalization • Asylum • Withholding • Violence Against Women • BIA Appeals • AAO Appeals • AAU Appeals • USCIS Appeals • Ninth Circuit Appeals • Family-Based Immigration Petitions • Fiancé Visas • Fiancée Visas • International Adoptions • Employment-Based Petitions • NACARA • TPS • Convention Against Torture • Registry • U Visas • T Visas – and hopefully in the near future, DREAM Act cases




A Nationwide Immigration Attorney Practice
Immigration Appeals and Trials

Our immigration lawyer services are not limited to Southern California.

As a deportation trial attorney and a deportation immigration appeals attorney, Carlos Batara has helped clients living across California, around the United States, and abroad.

He has successfully assisted immigrants in the following states:

page_footer_bg Alaska page_footer_bg Arizona page_footer_bg Arkansas page_footer_bg Colorado
page_footer_bg Florida page_footer_bg Idaho page_footer_bg Illinois page_footer_bg Kansas
page_footer_bg Massachusetts page_footer_bg Michigan page_footer_bg Mississippi page_footer_bg Montana
page_footer_bg Nevada page_footer_bg New Mexico page_footer_bg New York page_footer_bg North Carolina
page_footer_bg Ohio page_footer_bg Oklahoma page_footer_bg Oregon page_footer_bg Rhode Island
page_footer_bg Tennessee page_footer_bg Texas page_footer_bg Utah page_footer_bg Washington





The Immigration Deportation Defense
And Immigration Appeal Process

Immigration deportation defense has two different components. The first part takes place at a trial in Immigration Court. The second part, sometimes necessary, takes place at the Board of Immigration Appeals.

If you are facing deportation or removal from the United States, whether you live in another state, or you live near one of our immigration law offices, such as in Riverside, deportation attorney will defend you at trial in Immigration Court. If you have already lost your trial, he will help you fight back at the Board of Immigration Appeals.


Riverside Immigration Attorney Deportation-Appeals Flow Chart


When You Need an Immigration Lawyer,
Do Not Delay

Once you realize you need immigration help, you should act quickly.

Your delay could cause you to lose your case.

For your benefit, your options should be evaluated by an immigration as soon as possible.

At the immigration law offices of Carlos Batara, we know the earlier we can begin to work with you, the greater your chances for success.

Immigration law is confusing. And complicated. And usually, immigration cases are too HARD to handle on your own.

Whether you’re trying to achieve legal residency, defend against removal and deportation, or obtain U.S. citizenship, you need to find the right immigration attorney for you and your family’s needs.

Carlos Batara is that kind of attorney.

Carlos will leave no stone unturned in representing you and your family. Your case will always get the utmost care. All avenues of success, including your possible qualification for little known special immigration green card programs will be weighed.

So let’s get started . . .

CALL (800) 646-0667


To help you, we need to know more about your immigration case. Before we can work with you, we need you to schedule a consultation with our office to discuss your dreams and goals, issues and obstacles.

About Our Consultations

We provide consultations in person, by telephone, email, or online.

During this interview, we will advise you about available options based on your current situation. We will review your immigration history, point out problems you may have to fix, and evaluate various paths to meet your immigration needs.

We charge a flat fee of $75 for an initial consultation up to 30 minutes.


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