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Why Immigration Reform Is An Important Issue For Irish Immigrants

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This article explores the issue of permanent residence for Irish immigrants in the United States. There are 50,000 immigrants from Ireland without a path to legalization. Yet, they remain invisible to much of the American public. The absence of a path to legalization creates a locked-in effect, preventing them from returning home, even in times of family emergencies. A political fix is needed.

Several years ago, I moved into a new neighborhood. Being a multiculturalism enthusiast, a family of five living across the street quickly caught my attention.

The wife was fair-skinned, short, with wavy red hair. The husband was dark, tall, with straight black hair. She was from Ireland. He was from Mexico. Their children’s pronunciations were unlike any version of English I had ever heard before.

I sensed one of my new neighbors lacked legal immigration papers.

The Political Invisibility Of African And Caribbean Immigrants

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Once again, the big lie of anti-immigrant lobbies has been exposed.

Politically Invisible African And Caribbean Immigrants

Immigration reform is not a one-ethnicity issue, contrary to the claims of Donald Trump and his ideological cohorts.

Various studies over the past few years have shown the number of Black immigrants of African and Caribbean descent have doubled every decade since 1970.

Their totals may be small relative to the much larger figures of Latino immigrants. But their significance, as part of the overall reform movement, should not be minimized.