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I-601 Family Unity Waivers

Factors Of Family Unity Hardship

Until recently, hardship was an immigration concept not widely known by immigrants seeking to legalize their status as permanent residents.

The meaning, scope, and substance of hardship has been debated by immigration lawyers, judges, and officers for over 60 years.

But with all the recent stories about new family unity regulations, many immigrant families are now asking questions about how I-601 family unity hardship waiver requirements affect their cases.

How To Overcome Inadmissibility

For instance, a young woman in her mid-20s came to my San Diego immigration law office just yesterday and asked:

What is extreme hardship?

What do I need to prove hardship?

In other words, she was asking:

What types of supporting evidence do my husband and I need for a I-601 extreme hardship waiver to overcome his inadmissibility?

An easy-to-understand I-601 Hardship Factors Wheel, presented below, is a useful starting point to answer such inquiries.

What’s at stake?

When it comes to your I-601 hardship case, nothing less than the hopes and dreams of you, your spouse, and your children, who would like to live together in the United States as a family.


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By Carlos Batara