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Green Cards & Permanent Residence Questions And Answers Index

By Carlos A. Batara

To help as many immigrant families as possible, we created this series of questions and answers.  We share inquiries that are commonly asked by individuals seeking advice on immigration issues.

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Here’s a listing of permanent residence and green card questions previously asked and answered. Simply click the blue link and you’ll be taken to that question.

My Fiancé Entered With A Visa Many Years Ago. Now It is Expired. Can He Get A Green Card?

“My boyfriend is 22 years old. He is without papers. We’re thinking about getting married. When his parents brought him into the U.S., he was only five. They came in with tourist visas. Is there any hope for him to stay here if I immigrate him“?”

My Boyfriend Was Deported Many Years Ago. Will He Get A Green Card If I Immigrate Him?

“About five years ago, I met the love of my life. He is from Argentina and he entered the country in 1994 without immigration papers. He was deported a year later. We’re not married but we have a 3 year-old daughter. I’m fighting a serious medical illness right now and I’m afraid what might happen to our child if he is deported. If we get married, will he be able to become a permanent resident? Or is there no hope?.”

My Cousin Left The U.S. Over 10 Years Ago. Can She Return With Her Old Permanent Resident Card?

“I’m writing for my cousin. She lived with her parents, my uncle and aunt, in the United States when she was small. All of them had green cards and social security numbers. At the time, my cousin did not know what they were for. Before she turned 10, they moved back to Italy. Now, she is her early 20s. She wants to live in the United States. But she thinks her green card is not valid any longer. Can she return as a permanent resident?”

My Cousin Is Over 21. Does He Still Qualify As A Child For A Green Card Through His Mother?

“I have a cousin who is 23 years old. His mother was born in India. Many years ago, she filed an immigration petition for him. Now, it’s time for him to finally complete his paperwork for a green card. We’ve been told that since my cousin is now over 21, he no longer qualifies. Someone else told me this is not true. Can you tell me who is right?”

My Spouse And I Separated Before My Two-Year Residency Expired. I Entered On A Fiancée Visa. Do I Have To Return Home?

“My husband helped bring me to the United States through a fiancée visa. We got married. I got a green card for two years. They told us to go back for a new interview in two years. But after living together, we found out things about each other we did not like. He filed for a divorce. I moved with my aunt who lives in Fontana. What can I do? Do I have to go back home?”

Must A Green Card Applicant Admit An Expunged Conviction?

“My husband had a minor conviction about 10 years ago. He went to an attorney who expunged his conviction and said it would no longer affect his immigration status. We are about to file his application for a green card. A friend told us that he still has to admit his conviction. Is this true?”

My Green Card Interview Is Coming Up Soon. My Husband And I Are Separated. Do I Have To Drop My Case?

“I have an appointment coming up in a few weeks to become a permanent resident. My husband is not living with me. About a month ago, I found out he was seeing another woman. We had a big argument. He moved out. We still talk on the telephone but he won’t tell me where he lives. He does not know if he wants to stay as a married couple. He does not plan to go to the appointment with me. Do I have to drop my case?”

Can My Wife, A Former Flight Attendant, Overcome Crew Member Bar And Become A Permanent Resident?

“My wife came to the U.S. 11 years ago. She was an international flight attendant who got tired of traveling and decided to live here. Her parents moved to San Diego a long time ago. They filed papers for her when she was young but dropped them. We got married 18 months ago. We were told she cannot become a legal resident because she entered as a crew member. Is there anything we can do to stay together?”

Do I Need An Immigration Waiver Lawyer To Write A Hardship Letter To Keep My Wife From Being Deported?

“I was told to write a hardship letter to keep my wife from being deported. I need it for a family unity waiver. My nephew helped me write my hardship letter. He is in college. It has about 10 – 15 pages of evidence. The legal assistant helping us prepare the forms thinks this is good enough. But one of my friends heard some bad news stories about these letters. He said I should double-check with an attorney. I’m confused.”

My Green Card Application Was Rejected Because I Have An Old Case At Immigration Court. How Can I Fix This Situation?

“My daughter filed papers to help me obtain permanent residence. When we went to the interview, our paperwork to adjust status was rejected. The officer said I was in deportation proceedings and only the judge could make a decision to grant or deny my green card application. I have not been to immigration court for more than 20 years. I was fighting an appeal over Agricultural Worker documents, so my case was closed. I don’t understand what is going on. What should I do?”


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