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Video: Five Paths To Becoming A Lawful Permanent Resident

In this video, Carlos Batara explains five different roads leading to a green card and lawful permanent resident status.

There is no one-path-fits-all formula to winning a green card.

Many different roads to earning lawful permanent resident status exist. They can be broken into two distinct types of cases: court cases and non-court cases.

Some immigrants will never set foot in an immigration court.

These cases are generally more straight-forward and direct. 

After the required paperwork and supporting evidence is prepared and submitted, immigrants attend an interview with a local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer.

Others will spend months in hearings before an immigration judge or fighting immigration appeals.  Winning a green card, in these situations, means defending against deportation charges.

These paths are not completely distinct from each other. Sometimes, an individual may be sent to immigration court because their application for immigration benefits was denied.

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