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What You Need To Know About Requests For Evidence

In this video, you will learn how to respond if the government sends you a Request For Evidence (RFE) regarding your application for permanent residence.

It is not unusual for immigrants and their spouses to feel a sense of panic when they receive an RFE.  However, as Family Immigration Green Card Attorney Carlos Batara explains, it is in your best interest to treat such notices as guide for your success.

He also compares RFEs to Notices Of Intent To Deny (NOID).  The latter notices are more serious and indicate that, if you failed to respond to an earlier RFE, the government is not looking favorably at your case and your need to submit relevant evidence has reached a mission critical stage.

  • 1. 0:56 Overview: Three Main Reasons RFEs Are Issued
  • 2. 2:10 Missing And Omitted Evidence
  • 3. 3:15 Insufficient Proof You Meet Requirements
  • 4. 3:30 Example 1: Lawful Admission To U.S.
  • 5. 4:10 Example 2: Affidavit Of Support Income
  • 6. 5:28 Example 3: I-601 Hardship
  • 7. 7:35 Complex Legal Issues
  • 8. 9:59 Beware Notices Of Intent To Deny (NOID)

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