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How USCIS Changes To U Visa Policies Will Help Immigrants

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In a long overdue policy shift designed to help victims of certain types of crimes, the Biden Administration has announced USCIS will begin to speed up the processing of temporary work permit applications and grants of deferred action for immigrants who seek U Visas.

The program was created by Congress to strengthen the law enforcement community’s ability to investigate and prosecute cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other crimes, while also offering protection to victims.

Its huge backlog coupled with lengthy processing times have hindered the program almost since its inception.  As a result, immigrants whom the government had hoped would assist them in reducing violent crime remained vulnerable to further harm due to the delays.

The New USCIS Online I-130 Filing Process: A Word Of Caution

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A few weeks ago, USCIS announced that I-130 petitions can now be filed via the internet.

The I-130, known as the Petition For Alien Relative, is the first step in the green card process. Its purpose is to prove the family relationship between a U.S. citizen or green card holder and an immigrant relative.

Most news stories note how this development speeds up the green card process. They portray the change as a positive, pro-immigrant measure.

The new filing procedure is a step in the right direction. Yet, the change warrants cautious optimism for immigrants and their families.

Dear President Obama: A Simple Suggestion To Reform Immigration Bureaucracy

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After waiting 2 1/2 hours, my client was finally called for her green card interview.

We headed to the hallway door to meet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer. I extended my right hand to greet the officer and introduce myself. He turned and walked away. With his back to us, he said, “Follow me.”

My client’s face turned colorless. Fear ran up and down her spine.