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Can You Feel The Truce?

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Immigration reform, I thought, meant a path to political peace.

Instead, there’s ground fire here, there, everywhere.

It’s not exactly the War of the Worlds. But it’s clear the two opposing forces – those for and those against reform – continue to brace for the upcoming legislative battle in Congress.

So, as an immigration lawyer in Riverside watching the news over the past few days, I’ve asked myself, “Can you feel the truce?”

A Tale Of Two Visions: Comprehensive Immigration Reform In 2013?

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Our country, government leaders tell us, is in the throes of an economic recovery.

Not too long ago, according to leading monetary and labor indicators, we experienced a long, drawn-out depression. The politicians called it a recession. After being spoon fed the same rhetoric month after month, the public followed suit.

The depression was transformed into a recession.

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum: The 2012 Elections And Immigration Reform

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Shortly after I wrote Liberation Politics And The Future Of Immigration Reform last summer, a few colleagues questioned my position.

I asserted the two-party system is no longer effective for addressing tough political issues like immigration reform.

I explained although differences between one party’s Tweedle Dee and the other party’s Tweedle Dum may be minor, the two-party indoctrination has conditioned voters to perceive the differences as distinct as night and day.

Pavlov In Action: Obama, Romney, And Immigration Ping Pong Politics

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immigration-reform-ping-pongI agree with Senator Rubio.

Immigration reform resembles political ping pong.

The game accelerated with the start of the Obama administration.

In March 2010, I wrote a post entitled “Immigration Reform Ping Pong,” which discussed how the hopes of immigrants were being tossed back and forth by Democrats and Republicans as they counted votes.

As an immigration lawyer in Riverside, it’s a question I hear almost every day.

“Do you think,” ask clients, “we’ll have immigration reform this year?”

It’s a tough question.

Immigration reform resembles a ping pong match.

Does Obama Have The Courage Necessary For Immigration Reform?

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Once upon a time, I believed government was the solution.

Whatever the problem, be it poverty, health care, the environment, or immigration reform, it seemed elected officials held the key to change in their hands.

Of course, this was long before I became an immigration deportation trial lawyer.

In the years since, I’ve watched candidate after candidate use “change” as part of their campaign themes. Gradually, I started to grow tired of the false promises.

Arizona SB 1070 Copycat Initiative Battle Begins In California

– Posted in: The Obama Years

The biggest obstacle to immigration reform is not the give-and-take of the political process.  It’s the opposition by those who are 100% against any type of pro-immigrant reform.

Last month, for instance, opponents of immigration reform announced a new anti-immigration initiative in California.  Modeled after Arizona’s controversial law, SB 1070, they will soon begin collecting signatures to place the proposal, the “Support Federal Immigration Act,” on the California ballot in 2012.

By early next year, you will find signature collectors, many of whom will not know the meaning of the ballot proposition they’re pushing, sitting outside your favorite California grocery store.