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Do you sometimes think you can handle your immigration case on your own? Without a lawyer?

Perhaps you can. Yet, you can never be really sure.

With all the bad news about immigration, Ernie and Martha decided they could not wait any longer. It was time for Martha to fix Ernie’s documents.

They were tired from worrying day after day about ICE picking up Ernie on his travels between work and home.

They wanted to save money, if possible, on their immigration case. Especially, they did not want to pay a lawyer.

Like many immigrants and their spouses.

Besides, the paperwork for Ernie’s green card looked simple.

They set up a consultation with our office in Escondido. They asked good questions. They took good notes. And they did not come back.

. . . Until they received a denial notice in the mail.

When they returned, their case was in worse shape. Due to errors they made, the assistance of a lawyer was no longer an option. It was a necessity.

Their dreams of buying a home and raising a family were in danger of being forever destroyed.

Their case was now more complicated . . . and more expensive.

Ernie and Martha made a huge mistake. They misjudged the permanent residence process.

Like many immigrants and their spouses.

If you don’t know the ins and outs of immigration law, don’t take careless risks.

In most cases, hiring an immigration lawyer from start to finish – to help you every step of the way – is the safest approach to winning permanent residency.

We Handle HARD Immigration Cases

When it comes to immigration law, one size does not fit all.

And some cases are more difficult than others.

From visas to permanent residency – from winning citizenship to fighting deportation and removal – if you live in or near Escondido, our North San Diego County immigration law offices can help guide you and your family.

For over 20 years, the immigration law offices of Carlos Batara has fought difficult and complicated issues on behalf of deserving immigrants and their families.

Starting with your first strategy session with our office – through getting your paperwork sorted and organized, to preparing your applications and supporting evidence, to getting you ready for and keeping your nerves settled at your green card interview or immigration court hearing . . .

We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your immigration problems.

Some situations may seem similar.

But the truth is . . .

No Two Immigration Cases Are Exactly Alike

Some people visit our offices and tell us, “Well, my neighbor’s case is like mine, we each have three kids and have a good job, and he won easily, and so should I.”

The reality is different. No two immigration cases are exactly alike.

No two immigrants have the same exact history, faced the same exact hardships and obstacles, and have the same goals and aspirations.

All immigrants have a unique story why they traveled hundreds of miles – often with large dreams but little or no money – to come to America.

All immigrants have unique reasons for seeking a fresh beginning where they could earn a good living, provide for those they love, and live in a safe neighborhood.

Our law office has a simple goal: to help make these dreams happen.

Our Job: Find A Solution That Works For You

Like many clients, you might be seeking a way to keep your family together.  You may be starting a new family and you would like to immigrate your new husband or wife. Perhaps, like some, you need our help to avoid being kicked out of the United States.

That’s where the similarity ends.

Each case requires an open-minded approach to finding solutions that work for our clients.

Your case requires a solution that works for you.

We will work closely with you to find and implement this solution – every step of the way.

“If there is a will, my mother would insist, there is a way.

She believed all of us feel overwhelmed and demoralized at times. Quitting was not an option to her. A better day was often lurking just around the corner as long as people keep trying.

Clients often arrive at my office feeling dejected. They are ready to wave the white flag of surrender. Confused by a legal system they do not understand, they doubt their ability to succeed.

And sometimes, the obstacles they face are tremendously steep.

In these situations, my training and experience as an immigration attorney are put to a heavy test. My job is to find options to protect their aspirations to become productive members of our society. On their behalf, I may need to assert new legal positions, raising issues not considered by courts in the past.

My mother’s teachings ring loud during these moments. If the arguments I present are supported by logic and defended with compassion, I believe – as my mother believed – victory may be closer than my clients ever imagined.”

— Carlos Batara

What Type Of Immigration Problem Do You Have?

Our first task to help and assist you is to figure out what type of help you need:

  • Are you living in the U.S. without valid immigration papers?
  • Are you fighting against deportation at Immigration Court?
  • Are you trying to reunite with your family who live in another country?
  • Are you seeking immigration benefits under a program like asylum, TPS, DACA, or VAWA?
  • Are you trying to challenge a bad immigration decision like a denial of your visa, green card, or citizenship application?

Some people believe they have to wait until immigration reform happens.

No, you do not have to wait. There are already many ways to legalize your immigration status.

We Have A New President. What Can And What Should You Do Now?

We live in confusing immigration times.

One moment, immigrants are filled with hope and optimism. The next is flush with dread and despair.

Under President Obama, many immigrant advocates were claiming the worst had passed. Real reform, they asserted, real reform was at hand.

They were wrong.

And now we have a new president, who is strongly opposed to immigration reform. The  the short term future is sketchy at best.

In the long term, I have no doubt that immigration reform will happen. When is a big unknown – and so is what type of reform.

But these are not reasons for panic, anger, or depression.

With or without reform, there are avenues for immigrants to legalize their status and become lawful permanent residents.

For instance, in just the past few months, we’ve had the good fortune to help individuals from Sri Lanka, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Russia, Kenya, Honduras, Australia, China, Burundi, Great Britain, Ukraine, Italy, Mexico, Jamaica, Nigeria, Guatemala, Sweden, Syria, Brazil, Iraq, El Salvador, Tanzania, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.

Buying a new home, having enough food to eat, paying for nice clothes to wear and a reliable car to drive – the American Dream for hard-working, deserving immigrants is still alive.

With the right help and guidance, it can still be your destiny.

Are You Living in the United States Without Valid Immigration Documents?

Some clients visit our San Diego North County and Escondido immigration attorney offices hoping to earn green cards and permanent residence. They live here but they lack the immigration documents necessary to remain here.

If this is your situation, maybe:

  • You started the process to gain lawful status. There has been a long, long delay. You think your papers may have been lost. You’re afraid to contact the immigration office and find out what happened to your petition or application.
  • You entered the U.S. with immigration documents. They expired a few years ago. You are not sure about your immigration status. You fear submitting a new application for any type of immigration benefits.
  • You have no documents at all. You’ve never filed immigration papers. You do not have a green card. Still you want to remain living here.

As Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, said during a visit to Washington, there are many immigrants, from many countries, who live in the U.S. and want to “come out from under the shadows.”

We will help you come out from under the shadows – to confront your worries that tomorrow could be your last day in the United States – and to challenge your fears of being sent back to your home country.

We will work with you to find your best solutions for winning a green card and permanent residence – and, looking ahead, naturalization and citizenship.

We will be there with you – every step of the way.

Are You Fighting Deportation And Removal At Immigration Court?

Some clients come to our San Diego North County and Escondido immigration lawyer offices because their rights to remain in the United States are at risk. These individuals are in danger of being forever separated from their family – their spouses, children, parents, brothers, and sisters.

You can need the help for immigration deportation defense for various reasons. You may have entered legally but overstayed your visa. You might have applied for immigration permanent resident status but your application was denied. Or maybe you have been granted a green card but violated the terms of your residence.


When you hire the Law Offices of North County Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara, we will assess your chances for successfully defending against deportation and removal. If we can win your deportation defense case, you will be in line to obtain or keep your green card and permanent residence.

These cases are not easy.  But we will be there with you – every step of the way.

Do You Want To Reunite With Family Members Who Live Outside The United States?

Some of our immigration clients live outside the United States.  They want to enter the U. S. as soon as possible.  They have varied reasons, such as (a) to join family already here; (b) to marry someone they met in their home country; or, (c) to visit, work, or study in the United States.

Many times, clients start immigration petitions to bring a family member to the U.S. on their own, and then realize they need our help. Others hire our law office to take care of their family immigration cases from start to finish.

Whatever your needs, we will be there with you – every step of the way.

Do You Qualify For Any Special Immigration Programs?

You may have faced political turmoil or natural disasters in you home country. You might have suffered domestic violence perpetuated by a spouse or parent. Maybe you have been the victim of harsh criminal activities like trafficking.

There are special programs for immigrants who experienced such problems – special programs like Asylum, NACARA, TPS, and VAWA. Many immigrant clients do not know these programs exist. Others have heard about these programs yet do not know if they qualify. Some are too embarrassed or afraid to share their stories.

When we meet with you, we will identify your eligibility for these lesser-known programs. We will assess your chances for success.

If you qualify for any of these programs, we will be there with you – every step of the way.

Do You Need To Overcome A Bad Citizenship, Deportation, Or Green Card Decision?

Some clients, before arriving at our office, already had deportation hearings. At their immigration proceedings, the judge ordered their deportation back to their home country.

They do not want to quit. They feel the immigration judge made a bad decision.

All Immigration Lawyers Are Not The Same

Julia and her two sisters from Peru came to our Escondido immigration law office to discuss their immigration court case. They had lost three weeks earlier.

They had seen other local San Diego, North County, and Escondido immigration lawyers. Each attorney said their case was hopeless.

They did not want to give up. Even though time was running out, they kept looking for an immigration attorney who could help them.

After listening to their situation, Carlos disagreed with the other attorneys.

Carlos told the three sisters there was one possibility to challenge the judge’s decision through an immigration appeal. He told them it was all or nothing. They had to win or their deportation would be final.

They had less than 10 days to file the notice of appeal. Once this step was completed, Carlos began to go through the court records to support their position. He found more evidence to support the key point which had been overlooked by the other lawyers.

Nine months later, the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled in favor of Julia and her sisters. They were given a second chance to fight deportation and to win a green card.

They returned to our Escondido immigration office and asked Carlos to handle their new trial. This time, the judge was required to look at certain issues in a new light.

This time, with Carlos at their side, they won.

Other immigrant clients have filed family-based petitions for immigration benefits. They attended a green card or citizenship interview with immigration officers. The government agent denied their requests.

They refuse to lose. They believe the immigration officer was wrong. They believe they deserve to be granted documents to stay in the United States.

If you face any of these situations, and you want to fight back, we will be there with you – every step of the way.  We will help you prepare an immigration appeal to challenge and FIGHT the government.

All Our Clients Have One Thing In Common: They Are Determined To Fight Tooth And Nail For Their Immigration Dreams

Our clients are not quitters.

  • Our clients know high quality legal assistance is an investment in their future. A green card and citizenship certificate are not just pieces of papers. They are your tickets to a better life in the United States.
  • Our clients realize that immigration law is complicated. They understand immigration rules are constantly changing. They acknowledge the dangers of handling their cases without an lawyer.
  • Our clients are not willing to become just another number. They are aware every case is different and may require a unique solution for their success.

Our San Diego North County and Escondido clients see the need for an immigration attorney who is not only professional and hard-working, but also supportive and compassionate – an attorney who really listens and cares about his clients.

Are they asking for too much?

At the Immigration Law Offices of Carlos Batara, we don’t think so.


Ready to take a serious and honest look at the strengths and weaknesses of your immigration case? Let’s get started with a personalized strategy and planning consultation . . .

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