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A False Equivalency: The Government Ploy To Leave Immigrants Defenseless

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If you continue reading this blog post, you might be placing me in line to face criminal charges.


Because my commentary could be knowingly or recklessly encouraging or inducing an undocumented immigrant to come to, enter, or reside in the United States in violation of federal law.

In other words, by doing what a lawyer is supposed to do.

By adhering to my professional duty to care, protect, and guide clients.

A Jamaican Immigration Story Of Family Unity Persistence

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The road to permanent residence for Jamaican immigrants in the United States can take two decades to complete. Even for parents who have earned naturalization status,  the process requires navigating a family unity visa system with a long and growing backlog. Such waits are not uncommon for immigrants from Jamaica. This article shares the story of one mother and daughter who survived the ordeal. It also calls for fixing the green card system now in place.

From TPS To Asylum In Canada: Betrayal, Hope, And Fear

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Is Canada the TPS solution?

A few days ago, Samuel, a client from Haiti, visited my San Bernardino immigration office. He wanted to talk about the future of the Temporary Protected Status program.

He worried that winning permanent residency was not in the cards. Samuel knew about the latest efforts to derail the TPS path to green cards through marriage.

Fearing deportation and a forced return to his home country, he confided he had been working on Plan B.

The New USCIS Online I-130 Filing Process: A Word Of Caution

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A few weeks ago, USCIS announced that I-130 petitions can now be filed via the internet.

The I-130, known as the Petition For Alien Relative, is the first step in the green card process. Its purpose is to prove the family relationship between a U.S. citizen or green card holder and an immigrant relative.

Most news stories note how this development speeds up the green card process. They portray the change as a positive, pro-immigrant measure.

The new filing procedure is a step in the right direction. Yet, the change warrants cautious optimism for immigrants and their families.

Renewing The Battle For The Reuniting Families Act

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For several years, fixing our immigration system has been a hot political topic.

Building a border wall has been at the forefront of most Congressional proposals.  Several  representatives tout it as the primary cure for an overflow of immigrants trying to enter our country without legal documents.

This approach is short-sighted.

It negects the main component necessary for constructive immigration reform.

How To Understand Visa Preference Categories: Green Cards From Abroad

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Sponsoring family members to live in the U.S. has been a central tenet of immigration law for over 50 years.

Contrary to chain migration rhetoric, immigration rules do not facilitate expedited passage of unlimited numbers of distant relatives through America’s ports of entry.

Rather, family-based applicants from abroad experience a slow and tedious process.

Over 28% of immigrants granted green cards from abroad last year had been waiting 10 years or longer for their interviews.